Trump says Melania 'doesn't care' that she wasn't given a Vogue magazine cover during his presidency

Donald Trump Melania
Former President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump.AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson
  • Donald Trump said Melania "doesn't care" about not being on Vogue during his White House tenure.

  • "Once I ran for politics, that was the end of that," he told SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly last week.

  • Last year, Melania said she had "much more important things to do" than appear on a Vogue cover.

Former President Donald Trump, in a recent interview, said that former first lady Melania Trump "doesn't care" that she wasn't featured on the cover of Vogue magazine during their time in the White House, remarking that she had already been featured on the front of the leading fashion publication.

During a talk with former Fox News journalist and current SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly on the "The Megyn Kelly Show," the former president commented on his wife when asked about her absence from the 2024 campaign trail.

"She's doing very well. She's a very good woman," he said. "As you know, she was a very popular first lady. I mean, I go out to rallies and they have pictures of Melania with 'We love our first lady' with so many posters."

In responding to the former president, Kelly questioned how Biden White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre could be featured in the magazine but not Melania Trump during the ex-first lady's time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"Do you believe they never put her on Vogue, on the cover of Vogue? And they just they just let Karine Jean-Pierre in there?" Kelly said.

The former president also questioned the lack of a Vogue cover for Melania Trump, a former model, when she was in Washington, DC.

"Can you believe it? Can you believe it? She was on the cover of Vogue before she met me," the former president said. "But once I said I'm running for president, that was, that was the end of the cover."

"And it's so sad. But she doesn't care," he continued. "She's been on the cover of the magazines for a long time, and she was on the cover of Vogue before. And she was actually very friendly with [Vogue editor] Anna Wintour. But once I ran for politics, that was the end of that. And that's OK."

Melania Trump appeared on the cover of the magazine for the February 2005 issue, where she was photographed wearing her wedding dress.

One month earlier, she married Trump at a ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida.

In May 2022, Melania Trump accused the magazine of bias after first lady Jill Biden appeared on the August 2021 cover, just months after moving into the White House.

"They're biased and they have likes and dislikes, and it's so obvious," she told Fox Nation in one of her first interviews after leaving the White House. "And I think American people and everyone sees it. It was their decision, and I have much more important things to do — and I did in the White House — than being on the cover of Vogue."

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