How to turn off those annoying broadcast notifications you keep getting on Instagram

instagram broadcast notifications
How to turn off Instagram broadcast notifications instagram - Getty Images

There's no denying that Instagram has our hearts - especially the millennial ones. Way before TikTok came along, it was a place of sharing, caring, as well as keeping up with the Kardashians in one place. (Honestly, it's too hard to keep up these days.) Then, it morphed into who could create the most Instagrammable avocado on toast (we'll never not love scrolling and double-clicking on the perfectly sculpted creations), before it took on a more video-focussed role in order to compete with the Gen-Z favoured social media alternative.

But while we'll never truly get fed up of the gram - after all, scroll back to the very depths of our grids and there you'll find every one of our teenage antics in all their sepia-drenched glory - some of the updates and notifications as of late can quite frankly, get in the bin. What we're really talking about in this moment is the broadcast notifications - the new feature that allows creators to reach out to their audience directly in a more personal and casual way.

While it's no doubt helpful for creators to make sure their content is seen, for the general user, it can be - for want of a better word - annoying. So, if you want to turn off broadcast notifications (and no disrespect to all you creators, we'll lap up your content in our own time), here's a speedy guide on how to do it:

So, how do I turn off broadcast notifications?

The easiest way is by simply muting the channel. If you've used the mute button for Stories before, it's a similar thing. Just open up your IG app, head to your DMs, and click on the channels you don't want to hear from.

You'll then need to click on the channel's name at the top and click on the bell icon (which is the mute channel, btw). Granted, you'll still receive messages from the broadcast in your DMs, you just won't get a notification about it every two minutes.

Alternatively... you can also leave a broadcast channel whenever it suits. Do this by opening your DMs again and selecting a message from the channel. Click the channel name on the top and then tap the three-dot icon. There, you'll be able to hit 'leave.' FYI, this won't unfollow the creator so you'll still be able to see their content and Stories, it'll just remove them from your broadcast channel.

Fed up with broadcast notifications altogether and want them all to cease? There's a how-to for that, as well. Start by tapping on the profile icon in the bottom right of the app, and select the three-line menu at the top. Click on 'Settings and Privacy,' then 'Notifications' under 'How to Use Instagram.'

You'll then want to click 'Messages' on the next screen before tapping 'Off' under 'Messages from broadcast channels' and 'Broadcast channel invites.'

Once you've done that, you'll be free of broadcast notifications forever...

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