TV sport presenter coming to Oxford for new show

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TV sport presenter coming to Oxford for new show <i>(Image: Russ Williams)</i>
TV sport presenter coming to Oxford for new show (Image: Russ Williams)

A BT Sport and former CBBC presenter is coming to Oxford in May to perform in his new live show that teaches people how to excel.

Jake Humphrey co-hosts the High Performance podcast with Damien Hughes.

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The podcast has now been transformed into an exciting theatre show that is touring the UK between February and May this year.

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The Oxford show will take place at the New Theatre on George Street on May 5.

Oxford Mail:
Oxford Mail:

Jake said: “The podcast aimed at anyone and everyone.

“It is about taking learnings and lessons from some of the best known people on the planet and working out how we can apply those lessons to our own lives.

“The show is not just a live podcast on the stage, it is a proper theatre show.

“We will have experts on the stage and myself and Damian will be on stage sharing the lessons that we have learnt from all the guests who have joined us.

“It will be a really fun night that will leave people feeling uplifted and inspired to make the most of the life that they have.”

Jake hosts Champions League and Premier League football on BBC sport.

Outside of football he has also presented BBC coverage of the Commonwealth Games and the Summer Olympics.

Jake added: “When I have been in sport, I have always been interested in the human endeavour, human sacrifice behind the win.

“When you spend a lot of time with top class athletes, you realise that all the athletes have a lot of things in common.

Oxford Mail:
Oxford Mail:

They all have incredible discipline, they all are remarkable optimists.

“You don’t stumble into success, things have to happen on the journey so I am really desperate to share that.

The podcast and show also addresses mental health issues and this is a topic that Jake has spoken openly about in the past.

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He said: “I have been in therapy for mental health challenges over the years and I think it is really important to provide a space where people feel that they can talk openly.

Oxford Mail:
Oxford Mail:

“I think it is really brave when you operate in an elite environment like elite sport and you talk openly about mental health struggles.

“At the end of the day so many people think that happiness in life comes from doing things, achieving things but actually happiness in life comes from accepting that not everything is perfect and that things don’t always go our way.

“It’s about the process of the everyday and the journey.

Tickets are available here