TV tonight: Issa Rae's Insecure returns

Ammar Kalia, Jack Seale, Ali Catterall, Graeme Virtue and Paul Howlett
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9pm, Sky Comedy

Issa Rae’s deeply insightful comedy-drama series on black female relationships finally has its fourth season in the UK. In last week’s series opener, friends Issa and Molly (Yvonne Orji) were seemingly less close than they once were. This week, we find Molly considering asking for more from her purely physical relationship with Andrew, while Issa’s friendship with Condola continues to put distance between herself and Lawrence. Smart and subtle, the introduction to the season bodes well for the coming weeks. Ammar Kalia

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Bake Off: The Professionals

8pm, Channel 4

Pro bakers are still vulnerable to pressure, as this terrific episode shows. Two chocolate challenges, each with a tricky compulsory element, cause the pairs of colleagues either to flourish unexpectedly or, in one case, dissolve into a toxic funk that no amount of frosting can lighten. Jack Seale

Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads

9pm, BBC One

“He’s been had up for exposing himself in Sainsbury’s doorway. As Mother said, ‘Tesco, you could understand it.’” As ever, every line is perfection in this lockdown staging of A Chip in the Sugar, with Martin Freeman’s Graham wary of his mother’s new fancy man. Followed by The Outside Dog, with Rochenda Sandall. Ali Catterall

The Choir: Singing for Britain

9pm, BBC Two

Gareth Malone continues his quest to use the power of vocal harmonies to heal the nation’s ills, this time turning his attention to the coronavirus pandemic. Tonight, he hears from community carer Pippa Jo and binman Mike, who both bring him one step closer to creating his lockdown Covid song. AK

The Hidden Wilds of the Motorway

9pm, BBC Four

Roads scholar: this lovely film sees naturalist Helen Macdonald tracing the loop of the M25 to see how wildlife has survived and often thrived alongside the invasive tarmac. In an inversion that might have tickled JG Ballard, she asks if nature could teach us about traffic efficiency. Graeme Virtue

Splendid Isolation: Lockdown Drama

10.30pm, BBC Four

Some of Northern Ireland’s finest theatrical talent unites for this series of five-minute shorts, filmed at the Lyric theatre in Belfast. The six pieces feature reflections on lockdown from Derry Girls’s Lisa McGee, Game of Thrones’s Conleth Hill and Coronation Street’s Kerri Quinn. AK

Film choice

The Charge of the Light Brigade (Tony Richardson, 1968), 12.50pm, Film 4

Tony Richardson’s swinging-60s account of the battle of Balaclava in 1854 during the Crimean war overruns the valour of the cavalry charge with political satire: this is very much about horsemen led by donkeys. David Hemmings is a dashing presence as rebellious Captain Nolan. Paul Howlett

Live sport

Championship Football: Millwall v Swansea City 4.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Head-to-head from the Den.

Premier League Football: Brighton vs Manchester United 7.30pm, Sky Sports Pick. Free-to-air clash from the Amex Stadium.

Italian Serie A Football: Torino v Lazio 10.15pm, Premier Sports. From Stadio Olimpico Grande.

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