TV tonight: more post-Troubles darkness in Bloodlands

Phil Harrison, Hannah Verdier, Jack Seale, Hannah J Davies and Paul Howlett
·2-min read


9pm, BBC One

This bleak, twisty drama continues to examine the long tail of the Troubles and underline the supreme recklessness of any politician taking any action that might awaken the ghosts of Ireland’s recent past. At its heart, there is a superbly intense and downbeat performance from James Nesbitt as Detective Tom Brannick. Tonight, Brannick begins to pick up the pieces after last week’s explosive climax. The team are seemingly being led towards paramilitary killer “Goliath”. But are they walking into a trap? Phil Harrison

Dancing on Ice
6pm, ITV

Against all odds, Dancing on Ice continues to bring the Sunday sparkle. With five celebs and two professionals already having to bow out, it’s a dangerous and lean year. The final few are skating for survival, with the fabulous Lady Leshurr bringing the entertainment – as long as another injury doesn’t see her out before you read this. Hannah Verdier

Attenborough’s Life in Colour
7pm, BBC One

This dazzling two-part exploration of colours in nature concludes with more expertly rendered wonders. As colour perception becomes a matter of life and death, some colourblind deer are saved from a tiger by hyper-observant monkeys. And in Scotland, a ptarmigan changes its outfit to match the season. PH

Chris Packham’s Animal Einsteins

8pm, BBC Two

A deep appreciation of beavers opens Packham’s guide to animal builders, with spiders and termites getting props, too. Practical demos show how humans learn from creatures’ structural expertise, particularly in a form of architecture that’s now known as “bio-mimicry”. Jack Seale

McDonald & Dodds

8pm, ITV

Go-getting detective McDonald (Tala Gouveia) and kooky colleague sergeant Dodds (Jason Watkins) continue their odd-couple adventures. This week a rugby player is found dead following a party, but the circumstances of his death prove a surprise for the duo. Sharon Rooney is the guest star. Hannah J Davies

The Great
9pm, Channel 4

Season one of this wickedly witty take on the life and times of Catherine the Great concludes in revolutionary style. It’s her birthday, and Elle Fanning’s Catherine has reached a decision about the fate of the motherland. But how will that sit with Peter, who seems blissfully unaware of what is unfolding? PH

Film choice

In the Loop, 11.50pm, BBC Two

The big-screen spin-off from The Thick of It sets Peter Capaldi’s ferociously foul-mouthed government enforcer Malcolm Tucker loose in Washington DC. It’s a furiously funny satire on the spin machine, with Tucker having to clear up a mess created by dopey UK cabinet minister Simon Foster (Tom Hollander). Paul Howlett

Live sport

Athletics: European Indoor Championships 8.45am, BBC Two. Day three of the biennial event, at Arena Toruń in Poland.

Premier League Football: Liverpool v Fulham 2pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Followed by the Manchester derby at 4pm.

Test Cricket: India v England 3.45am, Channel 4. The final day from Ahmedabad.