Twins manager Rocco Baldelli erupts on umpires after overturned play in loss to Blue Jays

Minnesota Twins manager Rocco Baldelli was furious with the officiating crew that oversaw their 3-2 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday afternoon.

Baldelli was ejected in the top of the 10th after erupting after the umpires said that Twins catcher Gary Sanchez blocked the plate during a play at home that eventually gave the Blue Jays the win.

Cavan Biggio hit a sacrifice fly in the 10th inning at Target Field, and Whit Merrifield tried to get home after the play was made in left field. Merrifield collided with Sanchez at the plate, and was initially called out — something that would have ended the inning.

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Yet after a review, the call was reversed and it was determined that Sanchez interfered with Merrifield.

Baldelli came flying out of the dugout after the reversal was announced arguing with the umpires, and he was quickly ejected for the eighth time in his career and the third time this season.

According to Major League Baseball, “the catcher’s movements into foul territory were not in reaction to the trajectory of the throw and he did not have to be in that position to receive the ball. The catcher’s actions while not in possession of the ball hindered and impeded the runner.”

Baldelli was still fuming after the game, too.

"That play has not been called since the beginning of replay more than a couple of times. In all of baseball, the thousands and thousands of games and plays at home where the catcher actually does block the plate over and over and over again, that play has virtually never been called.

“For someone to step in in that situation and ultimately make a decision that that was blocking the plate, that’s beyond embarrassing for our game, for all the players out there on both sides of the field working their ass off for the entire game. It’s completely unacceptable,” Baldelli said. “I can't even believe that I’m sitting here talking to you guys about this right now. It’s one of the worst moments I think we’ve seen of umpiring in any game that I’ve ever been a part of in baseball. I think it was pathetic.”

While it’s easy to understand why Baldelli is upset, there’s nothing to be done now. The Blue Jays walked away with the 3-2 win, which officially splits their four-game series against the Twins.

Baldelli is certainly going to be hit with a fine later this week for his comments, too.

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli
Twins manager Rocco Baldelli was ejected in the 10th inning of their loss to Toronto on Sunday. (David Berding/Getty Images)