Two dogs still missing a month after escaping from home

Two huskies have been missing from their Skeyton home since August 26 <i>(Image: Vienna Ryan)</i>
Two huskies have been missing from their Skeyton home since August 26 (Image: Vienna Ryan)

A month after their disappearance, a mother-of-four remains desperate to find her two dogs.

Vienna Ryan, who lives in the Skeyton area, has been tirelessly searching for her two huskies since they were let out of their home on August 26.

The huskies, a mother and daughter aged nine and five, ran free at 9pm.

After posting an appeal on Facebook, the 39-year-old and her husband Phillip Ryan have received messages detailing a number of sightings of the dogs being walked by strangers.

The first witness saw the dogs being walked down the Weavers Way path near Felmingham at midnight, three hours after their disappearance.

Another told Mrs Ryan that the dogs were being walked on Mousehold Heath in Norwich by a lady who referred to them by names they did not respond to and refused to let them off their leads despite being in a fenced-in area.

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A further sighting occurred in Pets at Home in Sprowston, when the woman accompanying the dogs was overheard enquiring about which chew toys would best suit the breed.

The oldest dog is distinctive - she has white fur with a darker tail from nibbling it and different coloured eyes with one blue and one brown.

Her eyes are hazy from cataracts and she has what Mrs Ryan describes as a "staffy" shaped head.

The younger dog has a white face with black markings that span her back and head, travelling down the nose but not surrounding her eyes.

The five-year-old also has a scar on her belly from birthing a puppy four months ago.

Mrs Ryan is particularly concerned for the dogs' health - they have genetic oxytocin deficiencies which mean they cannot be bred and specific dietary requirements that anyone feeding them would not know of.

Mrs Ryan said: "It's been a wild goose chase to find them - we've sent drones out with thermal cameras and handed leaflets to delivery drivers.

"I've called every farm within a 15-mile radius but there's just been no sign of them."

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She added that the police would not help with her investigations as the dogs were not forcibly removed from the property.

The family has been struggling with their disappearance - Mrs Ryan said that they have particularly struggled to sleep as every noise makes them wonder whether the dogs have returned.

"Someone's got them, and that someone must have a neighbour," Mrs Ryan said.

Anyone with any information is urged to come forward.