Stocks jump as U.S. unemployment hits 16-year low

The U.S. released an impressive jobs report, with unemployment  hitting a 16-year low. Unemployment now stands at 4.3%, but was wage growth just as impressive?  To discuss this and the other big stories of the day are Yahoo Finance’s Alexis ChristoforousJared Blikre, Myles Udland & Rick Newman.

Today’s topics:

  • Investors are impressed with the jobs report, but what does it say about wage growth?

  • Health care stocks post largest outflows in six months

  • Investors sluggish after Shake Shack posts lower same-store sales

  • Weight Watchers celebrates subscriber growth and beat

  • Yelp soars after selling its Eat24 to GrubHub for $287.5M

  • GoPro soars after raising outlook and smashing estimates

  • Breaking down the future of Facebook

  • Toyota & Mazda team-up to create U.S. jobs

  • Robert Mueller to impanel grand jury in Russia investigation: Reports

  • Why Regular ‘bottled’ water isn’t enough for today’s consumer

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