UEFA Urge Cardiff Officials to Close Roof for UCL Final Through Fear of Terrorist Attack

Ryan Jones

​UEFA chiefs have held secret talks with the Welsh authorities urging them to close the roof of the Cardiff stadium, now the Principality Stadium, during the Champions League final over fears that terrorists could fly a deadly drone into the grounds, report the​ Sun.

The retractable roof is primarily shut against bad weather but due to the recent attack on Borussia Dortmund's team bus on Tuesday, before they faced off against Monaco in the quarter finals, the security threat has increased dramatically.

With a 75,000 seat capacity the police now face an even greater task of keeping fans safe and while 15,000 officers, including armed police, have been enlisted for the match UEFA still fear the possibility of a lone attacker using a drone which is IS'  “weapon of choice” in Syria and Iraq.

A Sun source said:  “Security will be massive. Now they are proposing closing the roof as they fear terrorists with drones.


"What happens next? Will all Champions League finals have to be played under a roof in June?”

Experts have called the commercial availability of drones a 'game changer' and they have made it increasingly difficult to fight against terrorist attacks. 

While it is not believed that an attack will happen during the final the events in Germany have heightened the threat level and UEFA director Giorgio Marchetti said,  “All possible risks are taken into consideration.”

UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League - Quarter Final Draw
UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League - Quarter Final Draw

While Super  Intendant  Steve Furnham of South Wales Police added: “Detailed safety and security planning and preparation for the Uefa Champions League final in Cardiff has been going ahead for many months.”

The final will take place on June 3rd at the Principality Stadium in Wales. 

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