UK weather forecast: Snow predicted for the weekend but London set to escape the worst weather

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London is heading for a rainy weekend as forecasters predict snow in some parts of the country.

The Met Office has issued a warning of a “severe frost” and icy conditions as temperatures are set to plummet across the UK.

Meteorologists have predicted falling temperatures leading to snow on Saturday sweeping northwest across Scotland and then moving south.

Alyssa Smithmyer from Accuweather said there was a chance of three inches of snow falling by the weekend.

She told the Daily Express: “On Saturday and Sunday, a separate low-pressure system will bring the possibility of rainy spells over north and central regions of the UK, as well as the chance for wintry showers across northern Scotland, south-central Scotland and the higher ground in northern England late Sunday.”

She also warned the weather could cause traffic problems with roads becoming “slick” with the snowfall.

But the weather expert said London will escape the worst of it with drizzle and sunny spells forecast though the week before mist and fog on Friday gives way to more sun.

John Hammond, chief meteorologist for Weathertrending, predicted a wetter and windier February as he said an artic blast could bring in cooler temperatures.

At the weekend, he told The Sun: “There are signs of a more lively start to February - it looks wetter and windier at times than for much of the previous month.”

“We may see colder weather start to make more definite inroads from the north through the early days of the new month, turning some of that rain to snow.”

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