Umpire changes decision without DRS; Shaun Marsh and Nathan Lyon fined for misconduct

Nathan Lyon.
Nathan Lyon.

New South Wales’ Nathan Lyon has been fined alongside Shaun Marsh.

Australian cricketers Shaun Marsh and Nathan Lyon have been fined 20 percent of their match fees by Cricket Australia after the two were involved in a heated dispute during a Sheffield Shield encounter between Western Australia and New South Wales.

It all started when umpire Paul Wilson decided to take back his decision of ruling Marsh out lbw to Lyon. Marsh was unhappy with the decision, and was not shy of showing his discontent to the umpire. Marsh pointed towards the inside edge of his bat to the umpire, indicating that there was an edge and the decision should be reversed.

Wilson, having made the decision, realized then that he had made a mistake, and decided to overrule his own decision and call Marsh back, without using any technology like DRS or Hot Spot.

The whole drama angered Nathan Lyon whose frustration was quite evident on the pitch. Things got worse when Lyon took out his anger on the stumps by kicking them.

According to the Guardian, both Marsh and Lyon have now been punished, although because of two different reasons: Marsh for disagreeing with the umpire breaching Article 2.1.3 while Lyon was reported for abusing the stumps breaching Article 2.1.2.

The two players have accepted to pay the fines, which is 20% of their match fees.

“I don’t think he touched the stump too hard,” New South Wales skipper Steven Smith said. “It was quite loose around that area, I think he just tapped the stump and it came out. It probably looked a little worse than what it was.”

“It takes a lot of courage from Paul to change his decision, so well played,” he said.

New South Wales won the match by three wickets, and the two sides will meet again for a rematch in Canberra.

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