Power up: New details of Universal Studio Japan's Super Nintendo World announced

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(Universal Studios Japan)
(Universal Studios Japan)

Three years after it was first announced, Universal Studios Japan has revealed new details about its upcoming Super Nintendo World area, opening in Universal Studios Japan this summer.

The theme park expansion will give gamers the chance to explore the worlds of Nintendo’s most iconic games including Super Mario and Mario Kart, and will feature rides, shops, a restaurant and interactive gameplay elements.

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The area has been created in direct collaboration with Nintendo icon Shigeru Miyamoto, the video game designer who created Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.

Visitors to the area will be invited to compete in a real life game via a wearable wrist band called a Power Up Band, and a specially designed app making them feel like they are part of the video game world.

(Universal Studios Japan)
(Universal Studios Japan)

While wearing the band, guests can collect digital coins just like Mario does in the games. They can even compete with other guests to see who collected the most coins.

Thierry Coup, the Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer, Universal Creative, said, “Think of Super Nintendo World as a life-size, living video game where you become one of the characters. You’re not just playing the game; you’re living the game, you’re living the adventure. 

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“Nintendo’s most iconic locations and experiences will be brought to life, including Mushroom Kingdom, Peach’s Castle, an incredible Mario Kart ride, Bowser’s Castle – and more.”

(Universal Studios Japan)
(Universal Studios Japan)

The Power Up Bands, themed around Nintendo characters, will be on sale at the park while the app be downloaded directly to mobile devices.

In addition, a special Super Nintendo World area music video featuring Galantis and Charli XCX was released to launch a new “No Limit” brand campaign.

Talking about her involvement in the theme park expansion, British pop star Charlie XCX professed to be lover of Japanese culture.

“It’s just so inspiring and I feel like I could learn from J-POP culture’s visuals and music videos,” the 27-year-old singer said. “I just think it’s wonderful and extra loud about the bright colourful pallets that are really exciting to me.”

(Universal Studios Japan)
(Universal Studios Japan)

“I’ve been to Tokyo quite a few times, and I actually shot two music videos in Tokyo. One I made was a Japanese version of my song Boom Clap and was shot in Tokyo.”

Universal Studios Japan says Super Nintendo World will be “an expansive, highly themed and immersive land featuring Nintendo’s legendary worlds, characters and adventures.”

“Guests will feel as if they are playing inside their favourite Nintendo video games – in real life. It will be filled with incredibly fun rides, shops, a restaurant and interactive gameplay throughout the land. And there will be something for everyone, regardless of age or gaming experience.”

Universal Studios Japan will be the first Universal theme park to feature Super Nintendo World, followed by Universal theme parks in Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore.

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