University Sports - Cyclists' epic journey continues

Two cyclists charged with promoting the 27th Summer Universiade have clocked up over 3,000 kilometres in the first month of their bike journey around the world.

University Sports - Cyclists' epic journey continues

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Pavel Grachev and Alen Khairullin

Pavel Grachev and Alen Khairullin set out from Kazan - host city for next year's event - on November 3 and so far their epic journey has taken in countries such as Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

On their travels, the pair have been able to meet with the local population and raise awareness of the Universiade, while promoting a healthier way of life.

The journey is also being undertaken to pay tribute to Onisim Pankratov, the world's first bicycle tourist.

The next stop for the duo, who aim to arrive in Kazan just ahead of the start of the Games, is the Czech Republic. They will also visit Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, the US, China and Kazakhstan on their journey, which will cover 21,000 kilometres.

The route passes through cities that have previously hosted the Universiade, including Moscow (1973), Warsaw (1924), Turin (1959, 1970), Beijing (2001) and Harbin (2009).

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