Uruguay 0-0 South Korea LIVE! Stalemate in Group H – World Cup 2022 result, match stream and updates today

Uruguay 0-0 South Korea LIVE! Stalemate in Group H – World Cup 2022 result, match stream and updates today

Uruguay vs South Korea LIVE!

The World Cup in Qatar saw yet another goalless draw as Group H got under way at Education City Stadium with a 0-0 stalemate between Uruguay and South Korea. Tottenham Hotspur star Heung-min Son played despite recently fracturing an eye socket, but was unable to inspire his nation to victory, despite some bright moments.

Uruguay may well be disappointed with their performance, albeit they twice struck the woodwork in the game; first via a well-timed header from veteran defender Diego Godin, then late on when talented midfielder Federico Valverde struck the post with a powerful long-range strike. The result puts pressure on both teams, with Portugal and Ghana to face off later in the day, each now with a golden opportunity to take all three points to top the group.

You can see how the action in the game unfolded below with Standard Sport’s dedicated match blog below!

Uruguay vs South Korea highlights

  • FULL TIME: 0-0

  • HALF TIME: 0-0


Uruguay 0 - 0 Korea Republic

Match report

15:04 , Dominic Booth

Here’s a link to our report from the goalless draw between Uruguay and South Korea.

Attention will now turn to Portugal and Brazil’s opening games at 4pm and 7pm (GMT) respectively this evening. Over and out.

 (ANP via Getty Images)
(ANP via Getty Images)

FULL TIME: Uruguay 0-0 South Korea

14:55 , Dominic Booth

Uruguay with late pressure, a corner conceded and a chance to stick it in the mixer, as they say. It’s whipped in from the left right-footed, but collected by goalkeeper Kim.

That is that. We have another 0-0 at this World Cup, I’m afraid.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

14:52 , Dominic Booth

94 mins: All of a sudden, the game has come back alive! South Korea with a second wind, trying to clinch a shock victory.

This ain’t over yet...

14:49 , Dominic Booth

91 mins: Seven minutes of added time. Standard.

So close!

14:49 , Dominic Booth

90 mins: Wow, that was nearly a spectacular late winner!

Valverde, out of nothing whatsoever, blasts a shot from all of 30 yards, and it rattles the post! Goalkeeper might have had it covered, but what an effort nontheless.

14:47 , Dominic Booth

87 mins: Cavani attempts a virtually impossible header, stretching backwards to try and direct it goalwards.

Varela replaces Pellistri, as Cho goes into the book for a clumsy foul.

14:43 , Dominic Booth

84 mins: A poor pass from Nunez towards Bentancur lets Uruguay down after building a good move.

Frustration for La Celeste.

14:40 , Dominic Booth

82 mins: Oh, Darwin Nunez, that was nice. He tucks inside and powers a shot towards the far corner. Cavani was jumping across trying to get his head on it, as well.

14:39 , Dominic Booth

81 mins: A few cynics on social media are suggesting this could be the worse game of the World Cup so far. Hmmm, maybe, maybe.

This is what Uruguay tend to do, though. They’re not brimming with goals, they’re often not pretty at times. But don’t bet against them smashing and grabbing this late on.

14:37 , Dominic Booth

79 mins: Vecino and Olivera are replaced by De La Cruz and Vina.

14:36 , Dominic Booth

78 mins: It drops nicely for Cho, who takes a pot shot from distance. That isn’t troubling Rochet.

14:35 , Dominic Booth

77 mins: You change, we change.

Uruguay are readying more attacking subs of their own. Both sides are still trying to nick this, without really creating anything serious in front of goal since the break.

14:33 , Dominic Booth

74 mins: Changes for South Korea, as Hwang is replaced by Cho Gue-Sung.

Na is also coming off, with Lee Kang In his replacement.

It’s a triple change actually, with Son Jun-Ho on for Lee Jae-Sung.

 (ANP via Getty Images)
(ANP via Getty Images)

14:30 , Dominic Booth

71 mins: Rochet does well, coming off his line and using his head to nod clear after an old fashioned Route One ball up towards Son from Korea.

Sustained possession from Uruguay now, at the other end.

14:28 , Dominic Booth

70 mins: You feel like Uruguay are getting closer here. And with Cavani and Nunez up top, they have the strikers ready to bury the chance if and when it arrives.

Tonight’s offering

14:27 , Dominic Booth

68 mins: The other game in Group H between Portugal versus Ghana gets under way at 4pm GMT this afternoon, not long after this one finishes.

You can catch all the build up to that in Standard Sport’s live blog here.


14:25 , Dominic Booth

66 mins: A bit of a nasty one for centre-back Kim Min-Jae, twisting his ankle as he slipped on the turf at Education City Stadium.

Applease from his country’s fans as he gets back to his feet. Paulo Bento is yet to make a change in the South Korea dugout.

14:22 , Dominic Booth

63 mins: Liverpool star Nunez gets himself away with some nice footwork down the left but he ignores the options in the middle and is left with limited space from acute angle. Kim is equal to it and Korea clear.

Suarez is the man replaced by Cavani, by the way.

14:19 , Dominic Booth

61 mins: It was only a matter of time until one of the managers made a change... and it’s the biggest name on the Uruguay bench who is stripped and ready.

Enter Edinson Cavani.

14:18 , Dominic Booth

60 mins: Uruguay are just getting a lid back on things, as they did at this stage of the first half, getting their passing game going.

Olivera is shut out by goalkeeper Kim after a long diagonal is played forward.

 (ANP via Getty Images)
(ANP via Getty Images)

14:16 , Dominic Booth

57 mins: A bit of a concern for South Korea here, with Son down getting treatment. There are some worried faces in the crowd, as Caceres receives a yellow card for that tackle.

Son is back on his feet, adjusting his boots. He should be okay.

14:14 , Dominic Booth

56 mins: Korea get their blocks in, with Bentancur denied from range.

Suarez then thinks about an acrobatic effort, before Pellistri runs out of room down the right. A bit scrappy in attack from Uruguay.

14:12 , Dominic Booth

53 mins: Rochet punches away a Son corner, with half-hearted appeals for a South Korea batted away by the referee.

Bentancur then with some lovely ballet dancing in midfield to pirouette away from the press.

14:10 , Dominic Booth

51 mins: Another excellent piece of defending from Gimenez. Son drops the shoulder and darts into the box and it looks like he’s about the pull the trigger when Gimenez dives in and wins it cleanly.

Korea have shaded events since the break.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

14:07 , Dominic Booth

48 mins: The Korean fans really can’t contain their excitement when Son gets on the ball. Unfortunately for them, he’s not particularly fired yet dispossessed that time by Caceres.

Gimenez also wins the ball in physical fashion, with Uruguay’s trademark defensive resilience on display today.

14:05 , Dominic Booth

47 mins: It was a big huddle from the South Korean team before the second half got going.

No changes from either manager yet and a sedate start to the second 45 minutes.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)


14:02 , Dominic Booth

Here we go again.

The big question

13:53 , Dominic Booth

Just like this morning’s contest between Switzerland and Cameroon, you really feel this is anyone’s game.

First half thoughts

13:49 , Dominic Booth

Another goalless half in this World Cup, but it’s not been without drama. Both teams are fairly direct, but they’ve lacked that moment of quality to hit the front. Godin’s header was the standout chance, but Son has helped South Korea create plenty in an attacking sense, too.

Looking forward to a more open second 45 minutes.


13:48 , Dominic Booth

Goalless at the break.

 (ANP via Getty Images)
(ANP via Getty Images)

Added time

13:47 , Dominic Booth

45 mins: Blimey, just the one minute of added time.


13:45 , Dominic Booth

43 mins: Godin hits the post! Nearly the perfect header from the veteran centre-back after a fine leap. He cannot believe he’s not scored.

13:44 , Dominic Booth

42 mins: Great Korean defending denies Suarez a great shooting opportunity after Pellistri’s burst down the right.

Some Uruguayan pressure towards the end of the half.

13:41 , Dominic Booth

38 mins: If you’re watching BBC coverage right now, you’re probably hearing Danny Murphy moaning about the quality on display here.

It’s true neither side have produced that magic needed in the final third (yet). Plenty of time left, though, especially with the amount of added time we’re getting in this World Cup. Hwang In-Beom thwacks one over from distance.

13:38 , Dominic Booth

36 mins: Valverde is a terrific player, isn’t he? He’s been at the heart of everything Uruguay have done well so far. A top passer of the football.

13:36 , Dominic Booth

34 mins: Oh that’s a brilliant chance squandered by Hwang. The best of the game by far, and somehow he’s sliced it over the bar.

South Korea ought to be in front. Poor technique leaning back by Hwang, who puts his hands to his head.

 (ANP via Getty Images)
(ANP via Getty Images)

13:31 , Dominic Booth

30 mins: Some interesting stats are popping up on our TV screens in this tournament, like ‘total receptions’ and the ‘in contest’ part of the possession figures.

Answers on a postcard from a data expert, please. @DomBooth19 on Twitter, you know you want to.

Uruguay’s defence holding firm at the minute.

13:29 , Dominic Booth

27 mins: Oh that’s a terrible pass from Olivera after storming through the red shirts. It was an easy ball to play Nunez through, but it was over-hit and allowed goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu to collect.

13:27 , Dominic Booth

26 mins: A couple of set pieces for Uruguay yield very little, good defending from South Korea.

You do feel like the power in this game is shifting a little, though, despite a slaloming run on the counter from Son, which gets the crowd off their feet.

Son’s popularity

13:26 , Dominic Booth

24 mins: He’s a popular man in the stadium today, albeit he’s gone a little quiet in the last 10 minutes.

13:22 , Dominic Booth

22 mins: Finally, the team in sky blue have come to play. They’re not known for being open and attacking, but they’re gaining a stranglehold on possession now, with Olivera drifting inside from left-back to get on the ball.

Suarez launches himself at a cross from the left but cannot get good contact on it.

13:21 , Dominic Booth

20 mins: Half a chance for Valverde there, after a fine ball from the ball by Gimenez. A great left-footed diagonal and it’s a tough finish for the onrushing midfielder, scooping it just over. A first real glimmer from Uruguay.

 (ANP via Getty Images)
(ANP via Getty Images)

13:18 , Dominic Booth

18 mins: After a pretty frenetic start, things have quietened down a touch, both on the pitch and in the stanards.

Both Kims are offering plenty on the overlap for South Korea, especially Kim Jin-Su from left-back.

13:16 , Dominic Booth

15 mins: More pressure from the red shirts, with the majority of their attacks coming down the left. Uruguay win it back, though, and continue to try and break at pace.

Man United youngster Pellistri has been quiet so far, but is starting to get on the ball on that right flank.

13:14 , Dominic Booth

13 mins: More stepovers and skill from the South Korean forwards, after a lovely nutmeg by Na earlier (a Na-tmeg?).

Uruguay burst forward down the left but Olivera cannot quite find the run of Nunez with his lofted through ball.

13:11 , Dominic Booth

10 mins: Nunez is going to be an outlet for Uruguay on the break, you can tell.

La Celeste would probably like to be dominating the ball a little more, though.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

13:09 , Dominic Booth

8 mins: Nice skill from Na Sang-Ho to win a corner for South Korea. Son takes after a short delay and it bounces all the way through the box but nobody’s on the end of it.

13:06 , Dominic Booth

5 mins: This South Korea side have come to play. Vecino is the latest Uruguay player to concede a foul, with the South American team struggling to gain a foothold in possession so far.

All the noise is coming from the Korean fans.

 (ANP via Getty Images)
(ANP via Getty Images)

13:04 , Dominic Booth

3 mins: A bit of a scramble in the Uruguay box, with Son lurking dangerously.

Darwin Nunez concedes a foul as Uruguay play it long and direct to counter.

13:02 , Dominic Booth

2 mins: Uruguay getting a little penned in early, they’ll need to be on their guard against a Korean outfit renowned for their work rate and energy. An early corner conceded by Gimenez.


13:00 , Dominic Booth

Let’s goooo!

12:55 , Dominic Booth

We’re having the anthems, and then we’ll be off and running.

12:51 , Dominic Booth

Five of the South Korea lineup have ‘Kim’ in their name, and they’re the entire back four and goalkeeper. One to keep the commentators and live bloggers on their toes for sure.

In the Uruguay lineup, Rodrigo Bentancur is a familiar name for Spurs fans, while the wily pair of Diego Godin and Luis Suarez will surely have an impact on this game, one way or the other.

Atmosphere building in Doha, with kick off less than 10 minutes away.

The battlegrounds

12:46 , Dominic Booth

Some intriguing areas of the pitch where this afternoon’s game at Education City Stadium will be won and lost.

Son takes centre-stage

12:33 , Dominic Booth

For many South Korea fans, it’s all about one man. It’ll be interesting to see how Son fares carrying the weight of a nation on his shoulders.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)


12:29 , Dominic Booth

Let’s take a look at some of the odds for today’s contest, courtesy of Paddy Power:


  • 3/4 Uruguay

  • 12/5 The Draw

  • 4/1 South Korea

First Goalscorer

  • 4/1 Darwin Nunez

  • 7/2 Son Heung Min

Game one done and dusted

12:20 , Marc Mayo

Switzerland downed Cameroon in the morning kick-off, Breel Embolo hitting the only goal in Group G.

Get to know La Celeste

12:17 , Marc Mayo

Some big experience, a Real Madrid mainstay and fancied to at least make the knockouts.

Read up on Uruguay with our full guide!


Uruguay beef up for the World Cup

12:13 , Marc Mayo

The South Americans have shipped 900kg of meat to keep them primed and ready for the World Cup.

Uruguay’s National Institute of Meat (INAC) helped deliver the payload to Qatar with traditional barbecues a key facet of their team building.

And Argentina have done the same!

Get to know South Korea

12:05 , Marc Mayo

A Portuguese manager, a cruise through qualifying and yet still not tipped to go far.

Check out our full World Cup guide to South Korea!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

A big day for Pellistri

12:01 , Marc Mayo

With a handful of caps already to his name, Manchester United winger Facundo Pellistri has beaten Edinson Cavani to spot in Uruguay’s line-up.

He told the United website ahead of the World Cup: “It is very special, not only for me. But, for me, [it’s amazing], because, if I play [in] the [2022] World Cup, it’s going to be my first.

“If everything goes well and it’s my first World Cup, it will be… I think I can’t describe this sensation because the biggest tournament in the world is the World Cup and being able to play [in it] is a privilege.

“Of course, it would make me happy, but not only me, my family and all my surroundings [also].”

Players to watch for South Korea

11:57 , Marc Mayo

A 4-2-3-1 shape for the Asian side today should feature Heung-min Son on the left flank with Olympiacos striker Hwang Ui-jo, on loan from Nottingham Forest, up top.

Napoli defender Kim Min-jae has enjoyed a very good start to the year, he starts at centre-back.

South Korea team confirmed - Son starts!

11:47 , Marc Mayo

South Korea XI: Kim Seung-gyu, Kim Moon-hwan, Kim Min-jae, Kim Young-gwon, Kim Jin-su, Jung Woo-young, Hwang In-beom, Lee Jae-sung, Na Sang-ho, Hwang Ui-jo, Son Heung-min.

Will Heung-min Son start?

11:44 , Marc Mayo

We’re just awaiting the South Korea team news now, with the Tottenham winger where all eyes will be focused...

Starting spot for Facundo Pellistri

11:39 , Marc Mayo

Still yet to make his Manchester United debut, 20-year-old winger Pellistri gets a starting berth for Uruguay today.

We’re in for a fascinating glimpse of a big talent at Old Trafford.

How Uruguay line up today

11:33 , Marc Mayo

Uruguay XI: Rochet; Caceres, Godin, Gimenez, Olivera; Bentancur, Vecino; Valverde; Pellistri, Suarez, Nunez.

Today’s desination

11:32 , Marc Mayo

Education City Stadium is based, well, in Education City.

The Al Rayyan venue, which holds around 45,00 fans, hosted Denmark’s draw with Tunisia earlier in the week.

It is part of a campus that has played a big role in Qatar’s development in the past 20 years, boasting branches of multiple American universities plus University College London.

Liverpool favourites old and new to feature today

11:27 , Marc Mayo

Luis Suarez and Darwin Nunez could line up together in the Uruguay attack this afternoon.

Team news expected soon!

Match odds

11:23 , Marc Mayo

Uruguay to win: 8/11

Draw: 5/2

South Korea to win: 9/2

Head to head record

11:18 , Marc Mayo

Between 1990 and 2014, Uruguay won all six meetings between the two - a run that ended four years ago with Korea’s friendly win in Seoul by two goals to one.

Uruguay wins: 6

Draws: 1

South Korea wins: 1

11:13 , Marc Mayo

Predicted Uruguay XI (4-3-1-2): Rochet; Varela, Godin, Gimenez, Olivera; Bentancur, Torreira, Vecino; Valverde; Suarez, Nunez.

Predicted South Korea XI (4-3-3): Kim Seung-gyu; Yoon Jong-gyu, Kim Min-jae, Kim Young-gwon, Kim Jin-su; Jung Woo-young, Hwang In-beom, Kwon Chang-hoon; Hwang Hee-chan, Hwang Ui-jo, Heung-min Son.

Score prediction

11:07 , Alex Young

While South Korea are not lacking in talent, it's tough to look past Uruguay here.

They have been in fine form under head coach Diego Alonso, boasting enviable firepower in Darwin Nunez, Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez and Federico Valverde, and a stern defence.

A 2-0 win for La Celeste.

South Korea team news: Son to play with facemask

11:00 , Alex Young

South Korea captain Son Heung-min will today be playing in a mask as he continues to recover from a fracture around his left eye while playing for Tottenham.

Wolves forward Hwang Hee-chan, though, has not recovered in time for the game, and there will be a late call on defender Kim Jin-su.


Uruguay team news: Nunez fit but Araujo doubtful

10:49 , Alex Young

Luis Suarez’s strong form for Nacional should see him start up front in what will be his final World Cup. That could see Darwin Nunez or Edinson Cavani start on the bench.

Diego Godin, another veteran making his fourth World Cup outing, should also start despite his lack of action in recent months.

Barcelona have expressed concern over defender Ronald Araujo's fitness, who has not played since getting injured against Iran in September.

Where to watch

10:44 , Alex Young

TV channel: The game will be broadcast live and free-to-air on BBC One, with coverage starting at 12.45pm.

Live stream: The BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport websites will offer live streams online.

Welcome to Uruguay vs South Korea LIVE coverage!

10:33 , George Flood

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s latest LIVE coverage of the 2022 World Cup.

It’s another hectic four-game day in Qatar and our focus here is on the Group H curtain-raiser in Al Rayyan, where Uruguay and South Korea meet in an intriguing showdown.

Kick-off at the Education City Stadium is at 1pm GMT, so stay tuned for live updates, with team news on the way soon!

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)