Usain Bolt's About To Make A Completely Unexpected Career Move

Eric Brain
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Photo credit: Getty

From Esquire UK

The former world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, has revealed he wants to live his retirement life in a different kind of fast lane – customer service!

Over the next five years, Bolt aims to open 14 UK branches of his Tracks & Records restaurants to go alongside his two others in his home country, serving up Jamaican patties, jerk pork and live music.

Talk about fast food! (Sorry, sorry, had to be done.)

Away from the grill, Usain recently took to Twitter to address the rumours surrounding his injury following his disappointing results at this year's World Championships in London.

Tweeting an X-ray of his hamstring, Bolt said: "I don't usually release my medical report to the public… but sadly I have sat and listened to people questioning if I was really injured.

"I have never been one to cheat my fans in anyway & my entire desire at the championship was [to] run one last time for my fans."

Regardless, the eight-time Olympic gold medalist has always had a penchant for fast food. Remember when he made the totally believable claim that (Olympic sponsor) McDonald's chicken nuggets fuelled his gongs in 2008? Heady days.

By: Eric Brain

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