Vegas Golden Knights NHL Draft hats leak, offer jersey hint?

Golden Knights
Golden Knights

The NHL is set to unveil new jersey designs, courtesy of Adidas, around the NHL Draft in June.

One assumes that the expansion Vegas Golden Knights’ inaugural sweaters will drop around that time too, what with both the NHL Awards and the expansion draft happening on the same night. Although, apparently, no one will be able to buy one until August, because NHL is why.

The design of these jerseys has been kept under wraps, but Knights blog The Sin Bin believes it’s uncovered a heck of a hint about their color scheme – courtesy of a leaked NHL Draft hat.

According to The Sin Bin, “the Adidas description that went with it described the side stripes as ‘Sublimated jersey stripe pattern on side panels.’”

So are the Golden Knights going to have some colorful accents on their jerseys?

And if so, does it remind you more of this:

Rod Smart
Rod Smart

Or this?


Hey, no matter what the color scheme, all we want is an awesome jersey that will look great on Dustin Brown.

Wait, did we say that out loud?

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