Ventnor celebrate 200th rugby anniversary with special ‘Global Pass’ event

The event took place on Ventnor Esplanade <i>(Image: Ventnor Town Council)</i>
The event took place on Ventnor Esplanade (Image: Ventnor Town Council)

VENTNOR and Island Free School rugby players took part in ‘Global Pass’ yesterday (Saturday, February 4) as part of a very special event in the game’s history.

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To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the game, 200 balls were sent out around the world by global rugby brand Gilbert to help raise awareness of the game and the anniversary.

Ventnor was the only town on the Island chosen to receive one of the rugby balls.

Isle of Wight County Press:
Isle of Wight County Press:

Organised by Ventnor resident John Bagshawe and captured by filmmaker David George, at noon, on the Esplanade, players from both Ventnor RFC and the school ceremonially passed the ball along the beach to mark the bicentenary.

Ventnor Town Council, who supported the event, said: “A massive thanks to everyone who supported the ‘Global Pass’ event yesterday at a chilly Esplanade.

“A truly great honour for Ventnor, the Ventnor Rugby Club, the Free School Rugby Team and the Isle of Wight as a whole. Rugby truly is a family sport.”