Veteran leaders cross swords after foiling a young dynast

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These two veteran politicians from a prominent political party were bitter rivals for decades, but they joined forces a couple of years ago to regain political clout in their home state. Their party was riven by a factional war and the emergence of a third big leader with his own coterie — a young dynast — made the two old warhorses unite. Outwardly, all three of them seemed to collaborate amicably during the election campaign and their party even limped to a slender win.

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But internally, the two veterans had ganged up against the young dynast. They not only denied him the CM’s post in the state but also marginalised him and his supporters. This didn't go down with the dynast who was close to the party's grand old central leadership. He tried to exact his pound of flesh but failed. Soon, surprising one and all, he left the party in a huff and joined the main rival party. This also resulted in a change of regime in the state.

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Now that their state government has fallen, the two veterans have also fallen out. The one who got the top post after the slender win suspects that his foe-turned-friend-turned-foe didn't do enough to save his term. The other veteran nurses the grudge that his 'friend', whom he helped to get the top job, didn't allocate him a safe seat during the 2019 general elections. He eventually fought from a 'tough' seat and lost badly which further dented his clout and reputation.

Now, the two are again plotting against each other and planning their comebacks. The young dynast, meanwhile, has ben rewarded for his somersault by his new party.

Can you guess who are they?

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