Vettel under bigger pressure - Button


Jenson Button reckons the majority of the pressure will be on Sebastian Vettel in this weekend's Formula 1 title decider in Brazil.

Although Vettel enjoys a 13-point lead over rival Fernando Alonso, and his Red Bull has invariably been more competitive than Alonso's Ferrari of late, Button feels the amount Vettel has to lose makes his position more stressful.

"Sebastian has a healthy lead, which is a positive, but also a negative," said Button, who hung on to secure his world championship in 2009 as Vettel and Rubens Barrichello closed in.

"You feel more under pressure as you are the guy being hunted.

"You'd like to be in Sebastian's position in terms of points, but Fernando's position is exciting."

Button believes the arrival of the anticipated rain will also ramp up the pressure on Vettel.

"If it's wet, it's tricky for Sebastian," Button said.

"Even though he's got the lead it's tough mentally because you feel you have more to lose, and whatever he says, he still has more to lose."

But the McLaren driver reckons that whatever pressure Vettel is feeling, he will be more relaxed than Button was leading into his title-clincher in Brazil three years ago.

"For me one of my competitors was Brazilian which made it even tougher," Button said.

"I did feel a lot of pressure that weekend. Bad qualifying in the wet and Saturday evening I felt under massive pressure before Sunday.

"But for those two, they've both won two championships now and if I found myself in that same position I wouldn't feel as much under pressure."

Earlier in the weekend Button suggested that Alonso was probably the more deserving of the two title contenders in his view.

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