Victor 'Ice Man' Lindelof Shows Off a Different Set of Skills With Skates & a Puck

Jamie Spencer

​ One of the first things that Manchester United fans learned about Victor Lindelof when the Swede was in the process of signing for the club was that his nickname is 'Ice Man'.

It comes from his upbringing in harsh Scandinavian winters and his coolness in possession at the back, but there may also be something else in it given his skill as an ice hockey player.

Victor Lindelof
Victor Lindelof

Image: ​Manchester United, Youtube

Ice hockey is a popular sport in Sweden and the country has exported numerous famous players to North America's NHL. And it would appear that Lindelof is adept at chasing a puck with skates and a stick after playing from a young age.

In a video published to United's newly launched ​YouTube channel, Lindelof spent some time behind the scenes at the home rink of the local Manchester Storm team.

"I started playing very young. I have two brothers who played and in Sweden we grew up watching ice hockey," Lindelof said. "I think I was quite good at it, but at some points I was going from football training to ice hockey training, but when you're young it's no problem, it's just fun."

Victor Lindelof
Victor Lindelof

Image: Manchester United Youtube

The 23-year-old, who will no doubt have been disappointed to see Sweden eliminated at the quarter final stage of the Winter Olympics in both the men's and women's tournaments this month, admitted it had been a while since he last strapped on a pair of skates.

He certainly looked the part dressed in full Storm kit, though, and seemed more than at ease on the ice while going through drills with the team and participating in a bit of a practice match.

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