Video: Alonso and Dakar co-driver Coma repair damaged Toyota


Fernando Alonso learned a hard Dakar Rally lesson on Monday, when his Toyota Hilux lost a wheel after he hit a ditch while blinded by dust from competitors.

The double Formula 1 world champion started Monday's second stage 11th overall and was close to the frontrunning pace on the Al Wajh - Neom test when he "hit a hole" less than halfway through the 228-mile stage.

In this video, watch as Alonso gives his explanation of what happened while he and his five-time Dakar Rally winning team-mate Marc Coma rebuild the left-front corner of the Hilux, and catch all the rest of Monday's highlights.

Video: Alonso's early Dakar Rally setback
Video: Alonso's early Dakar Rally setback

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