VIDEO: Here's How to Score a One-on-One in FIFA 17 Every Single Time

Marcus Parekh

We've all been there. We're playing FIFA and we find ourselves one-on-one with the goalkeeper. But try as we might, however skilled we are, we can't find a way to beat the computer in front of us.

It seems with every passing year that while EA seeks to make the gameplay more fluid and life-like, they make it harder in many ways too.

In years gone by, a player with pace could be absolutely devastating flying down the wings, but EA have certainly made strength more of an equaliser and when defending speed.

The same goes for goalkeepers. Just when you think you have found a way to beat them, EA goes some way to correcting the issue and makes them stronger on the next game.

If you went through on goal in FIFA 16 and simply went for power, the ball would rocket past a helpless 'keeper. Now, more often than not the last line of defence will deflect the ball behind, much to the frustration of gamers everywhere.

So how can you score every single time when you are one-on-one with the goalkeeper? YouTuber Ovvy is here to help.

The "driven finesse finish" is your new best friend. There are two variations of the finish that Ovvy kindly shows you below.

The first is when your player is at quite close range. You want to hold down the R1 button (finesse) and then double tap circle (the shoot button) and this will put the ball under the onrushing 'keeper.

The second one is from a further distance and although you essentially use all the same steps as the first version, this time around, you get two bars of power on your shot and then you quickly press R1 again.

He also says you should always attempt to do the finish on your player's dominant foot and with the further driven finesse finish, you should always aim across the goalkeeper.


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