VIDEO: Barcelona Youngster Fails in Cheeky Attempt to Catch Rivals Real Madrid With Their Pants Down

Kavan Flavius

​A kid from Barcelona's Under-12 team tried to cheekily even things up with rival side Real Madrid while they celebrated their opening goal, but only to be even more disappointed.

Madrid had scored the first goal of the mini-clasico, and spent a long time celebrating. Even the goalkeeper left his position between the sticks to join his teammates while they cheered themselves on.

One youngster from the other side clearly felt frustrated with the amount of time the opposition took before coming back to defend, and decided to race towards the gaping goal from the centre circle and score, with what was a well-taken, technically sound shot.

The referee was having none of it though, and waved the goal off, much to the disappointment of the other Barcelona kids, who were seen pleading with the official to let their goal stand.

He did not budge, obviously, but it was worth a try, wasn't it?

Kavan Flavius is a regular contributor to the Official Chelsea Guest Fan Blog, find him on Twitter @KavanFlavius.

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