VIDEO: Bizarre FIFA 17 Penalty 'Glitch' Confuses the Bejesus Out of Players Online

Adam Marcs

​A new release of EA Sports flagship title, FIFA, reliably hits our game systems every September. Six months has passed since the most recent carnation of the series, and new bugs bringing the glitch-factor to our gaming enjoyment are still rolling hot off the press.

​FIFA 17 fans around the world, as well as the team at ​Give Me Sport, have been relishing in a recent penalty glitch that emerged online over the past few days.

​​The short clip shows Southampton's  Sofiane Boufal step up to take a spot kick against Jack Butland. Before the shot, the gamer switches penalty taker to Willian, where things start getting a little 'faulty'.

​ Boufal, simply refuses to accept that the Chelsea winger is about to have a crack at goal and instead lingers in the box. Willian then runs out from up-field to smash a surprise shot into the corner and buries  it into the bottom left.


​The player behind the random act even said he honestly doesn't  know how he did it. 

​Glitches often get micro-patched out of the game, and with half a year to rectify these faults, it can be hard to tell whether this is a piece of newfound game-skill or an EA bug.

​EA have not made a comment on the video, but fans of the game took to Reddit to ask how to perform the weird action rather than complaining about faulty mechanisms


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