VIDEO: FIFA YouTuber Selects a Team Comprising Only of Goalkeepers in Career Mode

Michael Plant

Everyone loves a game of FIFA, yet even for the most avid fans, sometimes the game can become a bit monotonous, especially in career mode.


To offer an alternative from the tedious season by season gameplay, one YouTuber - ​Rich Leigh - decided to create a team full of goalkeepers, and enter them in the Premier League.


The team included the likes of Manuel Neuer and David De Gea who played as strikers and Thibaut Courtois and Hugo Lloris as midfielders.


In defence, Petr Cech and Gianluigi Buffon formed a centre back partnership which protected Jack Butland, as the only player in his correct position.


The team - Oxford City - took the place of Leicester City in the Premier League, with Rich Leigh choosing to simulate all the games.


Check out the video to see how he got on.

Yeah somewhat unsurprisingly, the goalkeeper XI didn't really work out, and poor Rich lost his job before the end of 2016.


The YouTuber has a number of other videos, which include; a team of Lionel Messi's, making all the 90+ rated players free agents and adding Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to Oxford City, to see if they could keep them in the Premier League

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