VIDEO: The Foolproof Method That Will Help You Defend All Corners on FIFA 17

Luke Calver

​Corners are one part of FIFA 17 that have most gamers boggled. How do you score from them? How do you defend against them? But wonder no more, as YouTuber ' Ovvy - Best FIFA 17 Tutorials Tricks & Skills' has come up with a way to defend all corners in the game, which will be appreciated by all.

It isn't a way that most people would have thought of either, so watch closely to help you become the FIFA 17 corner defending king.

The well thought  out way that he does this is by going into the menu, and then controller settings to change  auto-switching from air balls to manual. 

This is done so that you can manually track where the ball is going, and your player does not move automatically somewhere else while the ball is in mid air. So it basically gives you more control of your player, which is what everyone wants in Fifa. 

But now everyone knows the special way of defending these corners, surely someone will come up with a way of getting past it and scoring against them?

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