Video: What Max Verstappen's new Red Bull deal means for F1

Max Verstappen will stay with the Red Bull Formula 1 team until the end of 2023, and his new deal will have a wider impact on the driver market.

Following Ferrari signing Charles Leclerc to a new deal just before Christmas, the potential for seismic 2020 silly season with many top-line drivers up for grabs now looks more muted.

For Verstappen, the new deal comes after a promising first year Red Bull had using Honda power in 2019 and therefore demonstrates his faith the team can put up a consistent title fight in the future.

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In this video, Jack Benyon is joined by Ben Anderson and Stuart Codling to discuss the wider impact of Verstappen's new deal and what it means to the eight-time grand prix winner.

Video: What Verstappen's new deal means for F1
Video: What Verstappen's new deal means for F1

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