Video Premiere: Brit Daniels Debuts 'Shadows'

Up-and-coming Nashville singer-songwriter Brit Daniels has been charming critics with her assured blend of pop, rock, and EDM — a musical brew she’s been working on since childhood. Splitting her time between Nashville and Los Angeles, Daniels is currently working on her first EP with a variety of acclaimed producers and writers.

Yahoo Music is excited to premiere the video for Daniels’s single “Shadows,” for new fans to get a taste of her vibe.

“‘Shadows’ has a lot of dark pop elements while still sounding commercial and catchy. It talks about the feelings you experience when you’re missing someone. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the memories of that person come flooding back almost as if it’s haunting you in a way,” says Daniels of the song, which was inspired by a friend’s painful breakup as well as her own experience losing her father during her freshman year in college. “I feel like this is something everyone goes through when they experience loss in any form, which is what led me to start writing ‘Shadows.’

“Between what I had experienced in the past, and at the time what one of my best friends was experiencing, the lyrics and development of the idea just came flowing to me so easily. I feel like this song is so relatable in the truest form because everyone has experienced the feeling of missing someone in some way or form.

“I’m also very excited about this video because I love simplistic, but strong visuals,” she continues. “This video is pretty much a performance based visual but with lots of shadowy” effects and elements that play well with the song/track. It totally fits my vibe as an artist and what I wanted as a visual element for this song.”

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