VIDEO: Sky Sports Pundit Charlie Nicholas Attempts to Describe a Rabona and Fails Spectacularly

Tom Procter

Charlie Nicholas has made the headlines for saying something silly on Sky Sports News and in other news, water is still wet.

The Scot was commentating on the 3pm Stoke/West Ham game and the match threw up a moment that required the use of a specific term.

The term in question was 'Rabona', a word used to describe the art of shaping up to kick a ball with one's weak foot, but instead using the strong foot round the back of the standing weak foot to connect.

It sounds kind of complicated, but not nearly as complicated as it is to pronounce the word - as Charlie Nicholas found out on Saturday.

Speaking in the 43rd minute of the game when West Ham striker Jonathan Calleri had a golden chance to score, Nicholas said: "He can't get there... he's only eight yards out, and he tries the Ribena. He tries it in the middle of the goal, when he could just put his left foot..." 

Ribena, like the drink. Yes, you did read that right.

It's full marks for effort for the likeable 55-year-old, who is well-known for producing gems on Gillette Soccer Saturday.

Who can forget the time he tried to snap back at host Jeff Stelling for challenging him on his offside ruling during a game between Stoke and Blackpool?

The offside which was offside was confirmed by Stelling, to which Nicholas threw back some classic 'Specsavers' banter that went spectacularly wide of the mark.

Never change Charlie, never change.

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