VIDEO: Slovenia Game of Keepy Uppy Brutally Interrupted by Hampden Park Sprinkler

Joe Whitcombe

​Ahead of their 1-0 loss to Scotland on Sunday, several Slovenia players had their warm-up routine rudely interrupted by an on-pitch sprinkler.   

​​Several players were gathered together on the Hampden Park pitch, having a casual game of keepy-uppy, ahead of what was an important match for Gordon Strachan's side, who eventually beat their visitors with a goal from Chris Martin in the 88th minute. 

The result kept Scotland just about in the hunt for a place at 2018's World Cup, but only just. Clearly, the Hampden pitch was on Strachan's side, and even before what was a high pressure match for both sides, the elements began to conspire against Slovenia, in a show of on-pitch psychology that would've made Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho blush.

Unbeknownst to the Slovenian players, the rogue sprinkler was plotting their humiliation, lurking below the Hampden pitch like a shark, clearly looking to give the Scots any form of mental edge that they could. 

Punishing the Slovenian players for having the cheek to play keepy-uppy in a coliseum like Hampden Park, the sprinkler dealt the first blow to Slovenia's psyche, embarrassing them in from of a baying Scottish crowd. The damage was done, and from then until the full time whistle, the Slovenians never recovered, showing they simply don't have the mentality to cope on the biggest stages, like their tartan clad adversaries.  

Indeed, the fear the the sprinkler put into the Slovenian side seemed to translate to the visiting crowd themselves, with one fan even being spotted donning the famous rings of Celtic, hoping to avoid further embarrassment against their dominant Scottish hosts. 

Celtic fan in Slovenia crowd
Celtic fan in Slovenia crowd

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