VIDEO: There's a FIFA 17 Hack That Will Give You Speed Advantage Over Your Opponent

Ben Horlock

​EA Sports' flagship title, FIFA, has been a household name amongst football fanatics for the past two decades. The root cause for relationship breakdowns (possibly, of course), FIFA lovers will be delighted to learn of this new 'speed' trick that will give you the edge over your foe. 

The lads and lasses at the Sun's Dream Team department having been casting an eye over pro FIFA player BorasLegend's recent tutorial via his YouTube page. The trick itself involves rolling the ball, then pressing a combination of buttons which in turn gives you a sharp burst of pace.

Fifa 17
Fifa 17

Whether you're new or not to this simple but effective hack, BorasLegend's video provides a clear insight into how to master it. The combination itself is as follows: 

  • ​Make the ball roll once you have it under control

  • Click L1 or LB

  • Press and hold the sprint button and left stick in opposite direction

  • Your player will boost off the mark

Watch the video below for the full tutorial.


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