VIDEO: Tony Adams Goes Through Motions of Bizarre and Hilarious Training Drill With New Granada Team

Ollie Knight

Newly-appointed Granada head coach Tony Adams was in inspired form while taking his first training session on Friday, performing a peculiar training drill that resembled what can only be imagined as a very bad dance routine.

The former Arsenal skipper, who was ​appointed Granada coach in a shock move this Wednesday, began the clip with a seemingly choreographed pushing movement before doing some gruelling three-step shuttle runs.

Arsenal v Chelsea - Premier League
Arsenal v Chelsea - Premier League

Adams then, while barking instructions at his new players, proceeded to finish off his routine with a few comical hand gestures.

The Granada team didn't seem too impressed with Adams' exclusive training drill, with the two players in shot remaining unmoved with hands on their hips throughout the whole clip.

Adams is required to perform a minor miracle to avoid relegation with Granada this season, they occupy 19th in La Liga, seven points away from safety with seven games left.

Upon landing the head coach role Adams admitted: ​ “I didn’t see this coming,” but he insisted that:  “I have come to kick them up the arse.”


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