Video: When KJo mocked dark skin colour of a comedian

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As many Bollywood celebrities took to social media platforms to express solidarity towards Black people in the wake of brutal killing of George Flyod in the United States, a video of popular film producer Karan Johar making fun of the black community has gone viral.

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File Photo

The clip is from the 2014 All India Bakchod (AIB) roast in which Johar is mocking the dark skin colour of the comedian Ashish Shakya. "If you were any blacker, Angelina Jolie would adopt you," he is heard as saying. The reference is to Zahara Marley, who was adopted by Jolie. Zahara is of Ethiopian descent and was born in 2005.

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Johar later even said, "Ashish is so black, his mother screened him for Ebola when he was born."

Even thought these distasteful comments came during a roast, the fact that he mocked someone's colour and race does not seem to have gone down well, especially in the current climate of racial unrest.

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