Watch: YouTuber decides to find out what happens when Leo Messi plays in goal on FIFA 17

Joe Whitcombe

Lionel Messi is something special, and this is rightly reflected in virtual reality. Having scored 40+ goals for eight consecutive seasons, most would argue that he may be the best player of all time. But no one is perfect. 

Messi is currently the second highest rated player in FIFA 17, behind Cristiano Ronaldo (make of that what you will), and is one of the most beloved players in the game's Ultimate Team mode.  

But some people just want to watch the world burn. 

YouTuber Hitman89 is this particular type masochist, and in the video below, you can see the 5'7, 5 time Ballon D'Or winner subjected to being put between the sticks, as he attempts to win an online match.

Leo Messi GK FIFA stats
Leo Messi GK FIFA stats

As you can see from the in-game stats, shot-stopping is not the Argentine icon's speciality. However, Messi enjoys a promising start to the online match, making several saves, before it transpires that he is, in fact human after all, and that Hitman89 is quite the silly goose for putting him in net.

There has been no update yet as to whether Cristiano Ronaldo will be playing in goal for Real Madrid's next match, to prove that he can do something better than Messi. 


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