VIDEO: YouTuber Finds Out What Happens When You Score Over 100 Penalties on FIFA 17

Luke Calver

​The question on everyone's mind is, what happens when you score over 100 goals in a penalty shoot out on FIFA 17? 

Well, now Youtuber  DailyTradingTips has the answer.

One of the major changes to FIFA 17 from FIFA 16 was the way that you take penalties in the game, and the whole interaction with them. Now a days it is a lot harder to score them, compared to the likes of FIFA 2006. But DailyTradingTips seems to grasped how to score every time.

Obviously they did not plan for anyone to score so many pens in a penalty shoot out on the game, so there are some problems when you start hitting the higher numbers of the amount that are taken.

Once you hit 64 penalties that have been taken, the scoreboard in the top left hand corner starts to get confused and mess up. It no longer decides that it wants to come up green when you score a penalty, instead in comes up red or just completely blank and carry's on getting worse with this throughout.  

It is safe to say EA did not envisage this ever happening. 


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