VIDEO: YouTuber Finds Out What Happens When You Try to Get All Your Players Sent Off on FIFA 17

Alex Gidden

​Whilst scoring goals is always fun when playing FIFA 17, the real enjoyment is to be had from a devastatingly bone-crunching foul.

While most players have had to battle away, with 10 or even nine men on occasion, most matches played on FIFA are (mercifully) too short for players to attempt to get an entire team sent off. 

However, YouTuber DTT has provided an answer to the question of whether it is even possible to accomplish that feat.

Sadly for those wishing to attempt it, it turns out that it is impossible to get all XI players from one side sent off. 

Upon receiving a fifth red card, a team automatically forfeits the game and loses by a 3-0 scoreline. 

Of course, that all sounds simple but FIFA being FIFA, it doesn't come without its glitches.


In a video posted on YouTube showing what happens when the match gets forfeited, the 'goal' graphic shows underneath the scoreboard in the top left hand corner when the fifth red card is shown. 

To add to the weird ending, all of the remaining players begin to leave the pitch whilst a bigger scoreboard comes up in the centre of the screen, showing the 3-0 scoreline but reading 'half-time' underneath.

It seems that FIFA can't comprehend such a situation, so it's a good thing that only five red cards are allowed before the match ends, otherwise it would become even more glitchy with a higher number of dismissals.

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