“The View ”cohosts disagree over working out in jeans: 'That's a serial killer move'

"Apparently it's a freaky thing to some people," Goldberg remarked, giving Haines a stern look.

Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines got into a pointed disagreement over whether or not it's okay to wear jeans to the gym on Tuesday's episode of The View.

The clothing conflict between the pair occurred during a Hot Topics discussion about Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who was recently accused of using an airplane bathroom while barefoot.

"I do have to say this real quick, on a lighter note, a friend of mine was working out in a gym and ran into RFK there: he works out in jeans," Alyssa Farah Griffin mentioned. "That might be even weirder than walking barefoot into a public restroom."

"Who does that?" Sunny Hostin asked, looking visibly repulsed by the idea. Griffin responded, "Yeah. That's a serial killer move right there."

ABC Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines on 'The View'
ABC Whoopi Goldberg and Sara Haines on 'The View'

Haines, equally grossed out, was confused about the logistics of working out in such stiff material. "What kind of exercise can you do in denim?" she asked. "I can barely sit."

When Goldberg revealed that she'd exercised in jeans before, Hostin then asked how a person would deal with "sweating in the privates" while exercising in jeans. "You change your clothes when you get home," Goldberg explained. "Listen, sometimes you don't have time to stop when everyone else is in their shorts and everything and you go and you get some exercise in when you can!"

Haines, however, remained skeptical. "You have gone and worked out in your jeans, in the gym, in public, and people witnessed this?" she reiterated, giving the Sister Act star a frank look.

"I have!" Goldberg declared. "Yes, people have witnessed it."

Joy Behar then interjected, "What's the big deal?"

"I don't know, apparently it's a freaky thing to some people," Goldberg replied, giving Haines a stern look up and down. Haines gave her cohost a withering stare and scrunched her lips to the side, but did not respond.

Griffin quickly got the discussion back on track by noting that Kennedy's presidential campaign has been denounced by "every prominent member of his family," guiding the chat away from the dreaded gym jeans and toward a conversation about whether or not Kennedy's campaign could potentially sway Democrat or Republican voters.

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