“The View” hosts call out sexist undertones in media 'spin' on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's divorce

“The View” hosts call out sexist undertones in media 'spin' on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's divorce

The View hosts are voicing their disapproval of the sexist undertones in the media "spin" on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's divorce.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Jonas, 34, had officially filed for divorce from Turner, 27, after four years of marriage. Despite the pair calling it a "united decision," Joy Behar noted that the media has been giving their split "a lot of attention" because Turner, who is filming in England, has allegedly been seen "going to parties [and] enjoying herself" while Jonas is "on tour with his brothers and he takes the kids with him."

She posed to her co-hosts, "Is this a sexist thing to say that she's having a great time and he's being a great dad by taking the kids with him?"

"At the end of the day, we don't know what's going on between them or what's happening," Sara Haines replied. "I think the spin of this that bothers me is: she's working, he's working. These weren't new careers. They met on these terms. She's at a wrap party for a show she did; we have wrap parties here. You celebrate the end! Really fun. So that isn't just a bar that she's out hanging out [at]. She happens to be with her colleagues at a bar celebrating the end of a series. We don't know if other times the kids are with her, or if she can have the kids [with her]."

The View, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
The View, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/WireImage 'The View' hosts; Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Sunny Hostin was also less-than-impressed with the idea that Jonas should be celebrated for parenting his two children. "What I don't like about the spin lately is that he's taking care of the kids — I'm sorry, is this an immaculate conception?" she added. "They're his freaking kids, too! So what, he's taking care of the kids? Does he get a gold star? … I just think that's kind of ridiculous."

She also defended the Game of Thrones actress' recent outings, noting that Turner is only 27 years old.

"I've told so many of my friends you don't get married before 30 because the 20s are when you're supposed to be drinking the shots, when you're supposed to be at the parties, when you're supposed to be dating a lot of men," Hostin said. "She had a baby by the time she was 24. She had another baby by 26. Poor girl, she needs that party!"

Alyssa Farah Griffin said that she can definitely "sense some innuendo and undertones here of sexism" in the furor surrounding the pair's split. "There's even more out there," she said. "I don't want to even give it steam."

Ana Navarro then referenced a recent wave of speculation that claimed Jonas filed for divorce after he allegedly saw or heard something Turner did on a Ring camera. "I mean, is she having sex with the Amazon driver?" she asked. "What can you possibly watch on the Ring camera?" Hostin, however, noted that you can "catch a lot of stuff" on the devices.

Griffin added, "These are both huge stars, I love both, they're both friends of the show — Sophie, please come on — there's kids involved, so some of this, what's leaking in the press, I don't like because these kids someday are going to read it."

Navarro then claimed that Jonas is "calling paparazzi on himself" amid the publicity storm. "Yesterday, there was a shot of him with a 3-year-old having lunch," she said. "There's a spin here, [which] I don't understand because there was a pre-nup."

Behar ended the segment by stressing that it was important that the pair's children "stay in one place" rather than live a life out on the road with their father. "They need their own home," she said. "This going back and forth doesn't help children."

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