'View' Interview With Tyler Perry Comes to a Halt After He Hears Sara Haines' Comments

'View' Interview With Tyler Perry Comes to a Halt After He Hears Sara Haines' Comments

Tyler Perry doesn't often get emotional on national television, so when he did just recently, fans couldn't help but be so touched.

The media mogul appeared on a November 7 taping of The View to promote his upcoming documentary Maxine's Baby: The Tyler Perry Story, which tells the story of how he became the person he is today. As he discussed the project with Sara Haines and her co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara told him how moved she was after watching it. What's more, she let Tyler know that his late mother Maxine Perry's presence could be felt throughout.

"I always say there are people who carry a light," she told him. "I look at you and I think you're not someone who was left to teach the words. You were there to live the words and show by example. This film, I will watch every time I need to find my own power, and I wanted to run laps when I got done. When I met Maxine through all of it — I didn't know her. But [the film] shows just how much you endured as a child."

After hearing Sara's words, Tyler, with tears in his eyes, stopped the interview to share how much her comment had touched him.

"OK, wait a minute," he emotionally interjected. "You met my mother through it? That's wow... wow! Thank you! Oh my god. To say that you met her through that, it takes me somewhere, because this woman endured so much pain and she didn't have some legacy — but she had me. To say that I was able to introduce her to you, you got me there... Thank you for that."

As folks witnessed this moment between Tyler and Sara on the air, they were completely moved. This led many to praise the two for being so vulnerable about something so personal.

"Thank you Sara for the beautiful moment with Tyler. ❤️," one person wrote on YouTube. "Sara shared such a beautiful and powerful compliment to Tyler and his response was touching. I love this lady," another declared. "One of the most beautiful moments in the history of this show ever! ❤️," a different follower added.

Needless to say, our heartstrings were definitely pulled!

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