‘The View’ Pushes Chelsea Clinton to Run in 2020

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Chelsea Clinton visited The View, and the hosts ambushed her about plans to run for office. Clinton said that she doesn’t have plans to run for office, but The View host Sarah Haines brought out a bumper sticker reading “Clinton Clinton ’20.” Their sticker implies that Chelsea Clinton would have Hillary Clinton and her running mate. Haines coyly asked, “Is there anything that would change your mind?”

Clinton balked at the gentle push and gave a political answer. She said, “As I have said before, I don’t think being a citizen is something that just happens on Election Day. Registering to vote and showing up to vote is hugely important. And also standing up for what we believe.”

She also mentioned supporting the recent groundswell of political interest by women. “I’m incredibly encouraged by the more than 13,000 young women who have reached out to Emily’s List saying they want to run for office… and I look forward to supporting some of those women in the future.”

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