Vigil for two dogs shot by Met Police to be held at Southampton Guildhall

A vigil for the two dogs shot dead by the Met Police will be held in Southampton on Sunday <i>(Image: Hayley Locklove)</i>
A vigil for the two dogs shot dead by the Met Police will be held in Southampton on Sunday (Image: Hayley Locklove)

A VIGIL is to be held in Southampton for two dogs killed by the Met Police.

Hayley Lovelock has organised the peaceful protest after two dogs were shot by officers on May 7 in Commercial Road, Poplar, east London.

Videos of the incident went viral after a man was tasered and the two dogs shot at around 5pm.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has confirmed it will be investigating the incident.

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Hayley said she has organised the event at 1pm on Sunday with Megan Louise and Danielle Baddams.

She said: "We're part of a really strong close-knit group of local people who feel what happened was avoidable and inexcusable.

"The reason we're doing this is multifaceted. After seeing the video, our hearts broke.

"We've also noticed a distinct lack of coverage in mainstream media, so we feel it's our responsibility to raise awareness of what happened and push for important changes to be made."

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Danielle's 11-year-old son Sean will be performing a song created in memory of the two dogs at the vigil at the Bargate.

This will be followed by a two-minute silence.

Hayley added: "Dog owners now rightly fear for the safety of their dogs.

"We saw police snuff out the life of Marshall and Millions [the two dogs] before any investigation was carried out to establish if they were even the correct dogs, or if the phone call they received was authentic in account.

"This could have been any of our dogs, which is why we'll continue to raise awareness and fight for change."