Vin Scully, voice still golden, talks yesterday and tomorrow on night Dodgers honor him

It was story time again Wednesday at Dodger Stadium. Vin Scully was in the park.

He wasn't sitting in the booth named in his honor, but rather at a table inside the stadium, regaling reporters with tales from his 67-year career as the voice of the Dodgers. He was back because the Dodgers were about to induct him into the franchise's Ring of Honor.

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In his Hall of Fame style, he shared his memories of the Dodgers legends he's joining in that ring. To him, those aren't just uniform numbers he sees; they're his "Boys of Spring, Summer and Fall," expanding on the title of author Roger Kahn's classic book about the 1950s Dodgers. He had a front-row seat to their greatness.

As I watched the video of the news conference and heard Scully spin those tales, I couldn't help but think, "Goodness, Vin still has it. He could still go up to the booth, armed with his voluminous notes, and do nine innings."

Scully harbors no such fantasy.

"No. I'm done," he said succinctly with a smile.

"I think (retirement has been) easier than I thought because I'm totally and completely at peace," he said. "It's a remarkable feeling. I just know. It's not like, 'Gosh, you know, I feel good, I could have done another year.' No, none of that."

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"I'm at the right spot in my life at the right time," he added.

Of course, no Scully media session would be complete without the type of oratory that made him a national treasure — lyrical, literary even. It was both a reflection and a gentle admonition to us all.

"I'll be 90 in November, so I'm not a boy of summer anymore, and I think back, and this was one of my considerations," Scully said. "And I thought, I've spent so many thousands of yesterdays, but you get to an age where you say, 'Yeah, but how many more tomorrows?' If somebody said to you, 'You're going to have 123 tomorrows as of today,' the first thing you would say (is), 'Whoa, they're precious. I want to be with the most precious part of my life.' And that's where I am. However number of tomorrows I have, I am spending the todays exactly wanted to do."

He's spending his todays with his wife, Sandy, and keeping up with the ballclub from a distance.

May you have many more tomorrows, Vin.

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