Vivica A. Fox Reportedly Stole Male Strippers in Best Lawsuit Story Ever

Earlier this year, Vivica A. Fox starred in and hosted a Lifetime reality series about male dancers called Vivica’s Black Magic. But then she drew backlash from the gay community when she said the show was intended for women, not gay men.

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Afterward, Fox’s business partner, Jean-Claude LaMarre — who is also the show’s executive producer — distanced himself from the actress. He began planning a tour called “Black Magic Live,” based on the show.

Fox reportedly got upset and responded by putting together an all-male revue to compete with LaMarre’s. She also recruited four out of the five dancers from the reality show. To add insult to injury, Fox also told the dancers they had to take sides, and anyone who doesn’t choose her won’t be back for Season 2 of the reality series.

LaMarre is now taking Fox to court for libel, slander, and contract interference. The court documents stated, “Fox employed a concerted effort of defamation, intimidation and misrepresentation to steal talent from Black Magic Live, and to confuse Black Magic Live’s audience, providing the public with false statements that Fox’s copycat dance venture was in fact the real ‘Black Magic Live’ dance revue.”

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