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Wake up in a new bugatti in viral TikTok trend

Trends, whether in music, fashion or social media, consistently find their way back into pop culture.

A new trend on TikTok recreates the #zoomchallenge from the late 2010s and the early years of TikTok, but does it with a different song.

In the original, participants used “MICKEY” by Lil Yachty feat. Lil Baby and Offset as the background song. In Offset’s opening lyrics, “Trappin’ out the backstreet / Runnin’ through the packs like a track meet,” Lil Yachty interjects with a “Zoom” adlib. At that point in the video, TikTokers would be pulled by their legs out of the frame, zooming off camera.

The #zoomchallenge was massive, receiving over 4.7 billion views on TikTok. Its impact was clearly felt, as younger TikTokers have decided to remake it with Ace Hood’s “Bugatti” featuring Future and Rick Ross.

This video is slightly sped up, which is different from the original, but the comments were still blown away by how fast people moved out of the frame.

“First girl FLEWWW,” said @jad3pad1lla.

“I feel like she slammed her head..,” said @icanseeyou0_.

Even the user that posted the video gave credit to the zoom challenge, putting “#zoom” in the caption of the video.

While some TikTokers are driving off in a fake Bugatti, another part of this viral song is showing off their wheels to the song.

One TikToker showed a school employee driving around the halls in a cleaning vehicle, treating it like it was a new Bugatti.

“HE DRIFTED,” said @jay___xxd.

The original video, posted by @ilydielit in this trend was an edit of Gru from Despicable Me, who was driving around in his supercharged spaceship. Once Gru’s car became a hypothetical Bugatti, everyone else had to get in on the action.

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