Wales vs France LIVE: Women’s Six Nations rugby result and final score as Les Bleues continue winning run

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Follow live updates as Wales look to pull off a huge upset as they host undefeated France in the Women’s Six Nations. The visitors are aiming to continue their Grand Slam bid and victory at Cardiff Arms Park would go halfway to setting up a potential title decider against England Women’s Rugby next weekend.

Wales coach Ioan Cunningham will be expecting a response after his side suffered a heavy defeat to England last time out. Wales came into the match on the back of consecutive wins to open their campaign but despite a resilient effort, a 58-5 defeat at Kingsholm was a crushing blow.

France come into the match with an impressive recent record against the Welsh and have won their past five Six Nations meetings. Les Bleues have beaten Italy, Ireland and Scotland so far to keep their Grand Slam hopes on track, and Wales would be doing England a significant favour if they can spring an upset under the floodlights.

England face Ireland on Sunday and if the two unbeaten sides come through this weekend unscathed, it would set up a Women’s Six Nations grand slam decider in Bayonne on the final weekend of the campaign. Follow live updates from Wales vs France in the Women’s Six Nations, below:

Wales vs France

  • Kick-off was at 8pm at Cardiff Arms Park

  • Match will be shown live on BBC iPlayer

  • FT: Wales 5-33 France - Hosts finish with consolation try through late Harries score

  • HT: Wales 0-26 France - Sansus scores two tries as visitors take control

Full-time: Wales 5-33 France

Friday 22 April 2022 21:59 , Sarah Rendell

Thank you so much for joining me for this cracking Women’s Six Nations match.

Wales did so well to limit France in the second half and if they had performed that way throughout the match the score would be a lot closer. France weren’t perfect, far from it, with a huge amount of handling errors and penalties seeing opportunities thrown away.

Their weaknesses will have to be improved upon before they face England next week. At the moment it feels as though the Red Roses will retain the title.

But England do have to face Ireland before France, which they will do on Sunday. And Italy will face Scotland on Saturday.

Tune in for all the actions here at the Independent and I’ll catch you for some more rugby soon!

Full-time: Wales 5-33 France

Friday 22 April 2022 21:54 , Sarah Rendell

Well France have their fourth bonus point victories with an impressive first half performance.

But it was similar to the Scotland match in that France dropped off in the second half, only scoring seven points in the second 40.

Nevertheless France are still on for the Grand Slam which puts pressure on England to come up with the goods on Sunday against Ireland.

TRY! Wales 5-33 France (Harries, 80)

Friday 22 April 2022 21:51 , Sarah Rendell

Incredible finish from Harries! She twists and gets one arm over the line.

A great pay off for the crowd and the team.

Wilkins misses the kick for the last action of the game.

TRY REVIEW! Wales 0-33 France, 80 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:50 , Sarah Rendell

Player of the Match has been awarded to Sansus, she has scored two tries to help her side to a bonus point win.

Wales catch and drive metres away from their line and they get another penalty with Boujard offside.

Ref warns France for the repeated penalties as Wales kick to the corner.

Wales drive again are they over? They will go upstairs to the TMO!

Wales 0-33 France, 78 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:47 , Sarah Rendell

France get another scrum penalty and they look to see this one out with another score as Jacquet kicks to the corner.

She misses touch and Wilkins comes away with it, they get a penalty and Lewis takes it quickly.

The hosts have an advantage and so they put in a cross field kick, it doesn’t come off and so we come back. They kick to the corner, can they get any points on the board in these last few minutes?

Wales’ line-out is slightly messy but the hosts come away with it. The crowd are raucous here, they desperately want to see their side score.

Wales 0-33 France, 74 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:43 , Sarah Rendell

Wales try to build from deep but a long pass is intercepted by Jacquet and now France are on the drive.

Another knock-on from France, this has been awful for France. They have given away countless opportunities by failing to catch simple passes. It was a weakness in their match against Scotland too.

Joyce, who hasn’t been given much ball, is off and Wales are continuing to show heart at home.

Wilkins tries a chip and chase but it doesn’t bounce well and so we come back for an earlier advantage. Wilkins kicks to the corner.

France do manage to wrestle possession back and they are now building from their own half.

Tremouliere is off for Peyronnet.

Wales 0-33 France, 70 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:39 , Sarah Rendell

France display what they have when they get on the front foot but Annery’s offload doesn’t go to hand. Luckily for the visitors the referee sees a Welsh knock on and so we have another scrum.

France come away with it as Rose is penalised and the vistors opt for another scrum! I’d like to know what percentage of the game has been scrummaging.

France get an attack on the go but Jacquet drops it! How are they knocking it on this much?

So yes, you guessed it, another scrum.

Wales 0-33 France, 66 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:34 , Sarah Rendell

More France handling errors as Filopon drops an easy pass but Wales need credit for their defence causing these to seep into France’s game.

Wow, the BBC have just brought up the errors stats. France have had 14 handling errors. 14! That is something they need to cut out ahead of their showdown with England next week. The Red Roses aren’t perfect but they will capitalise on those errors.

Scrums are exchanged with France winning one and then the hosts taking a penalty for themselves. Wilkins kicks to touch.

A good Wales attack sees an ambitious cross field kick but it just goes beyond the player.

And even more substitutions as Terry and Hope comes on.

Wales 0-33 France, 62 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:30 , Sarah Rendell

The France scrum is strong and they immediately get an advantage.

We come back for it after Fall knocks on. It wouldn’t be surprising if a card is shown soon, penalties for both sides are clocking up.

Why the referee hasn’t gone to her pocket yet after all the scuffles we have seen. She warned the captains in the first half and there have been many since!

Rose puts in a late tackle on Boujard and so France kick to corner from the resulting penalty.

Wales make more changes as Jones and Lake are on. And Frnace have brought on Gros.

Wales 0-33 France, 59 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:27 , Sarah Rendell

This is getting a bit easy for France and there’s a feeling if they weren’t so sloppy with their handling errors and penalties they would be further ahead.

Wales are on the charge now with Rose making great metres. Phase after phase, the home side are plodding on and they have a penalty advantage. A cross field kick is put in but France collect, we’re back for the penalty.

Snowsill belts the ball in the corner. But the fly-half has kicked it dead, not what Wales needed in such a great position

Lindelauf, Khalfaoui and Touye on for France now.

TRY! Wales 0-33 France (Tremouliere, 55)

Friday 22 April 2022 21:23 , Sarah Rendell

Tremouliere makes an incredibly hard run look flawless. She gets the ball and keeps going, tackled by two players over the line.

France will surely streak away now.

Tremouliere converts her own try!

Wales 0-26 France, 55 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:21 , Sarah Rendell

Hale and Fall look to be in a scuffle with France trying to drive forward, I wouldn’t be surprised if we come back to that in a moment.

And there we go! The ref is having a word with the players now. They have been given a warning but I’m shocked Hale isn’t given anything for that, it looked like she shoved her face. But Hale has now been subbed off with Rose on.

France now on the attack and they win another penalty. More pushing and shoving, surely there’s got to be a card? Nope another warning.

Wales 0-26 France, 53 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:18 , Sarah Rendell

I keep using the word but it’s the only one which fits, this game is so messy!

It was a Welsh scrum but France win the penalty and so the visitors have the ball again.

More Wales changes as Lillicrap comes off for Harries.

Wales do well to stop the driving maul but France are just a few metres away now with a penalty advantage.

France have a double movement and so we come back for the penalty. They kick to corner.

I’m breathless watching this, no synergy to this match.

Wales 0-26 France, 51 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:15 , Sarah Rendell

France look to create their first spell of pressure but Butchers does exceedingly well as she strips the ball.

Wales made their first changes before the scrum, which France have won, with Callendar and Lewis on.

France clear their lines and now they make their first changes. Sansus and Hermet are off for Chambon and Forlani on.

Oh my word, Fall makes an incredible break who has made great metres. But they lose the ball forward. Both teams making errors.

Wales 0-26 France, 49 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:13 , Sarah Rendell

Wales keeps slamming into the French wall but Bevan makes a fantastic break!

She is pulled down but Wales continue to knock on the door. Huge hits come in but Ferer gives away a penalty at the breakdown. France’s penalty count is starting to clock up.

The hosts opt for a scrum five metres out. Bevan cycles it out very quickly to kick Joyce on but the Bristol Bears back in penalised on the floor.

Frustration for Wales but France’s defence holds out once again.

Wales 0-26 France, 45 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 21:09 , Sarah Rendell

Wales’ first half clearances were underwhelming but Snowsill hits a good kick which sees Jacquet lose control.

Despite the disrupted start to the second 40 for France, they do look deadly as Wales try to build. The visitors again push Wales backwards in attack but then Boujard makes an error as her clearance kick goes out on the full.

The Wales line-out continues to be messy and France come away with it. Sansus runs and runs, what a player she is, but Wales turn it over at the break down.

It’s kicked away but Philips then bags a breakdown penalty. A very messy and frantic opening exchanges.

Joyce has a show and go and makes great metres, can Wales get their first try here?

Back underway! Wales 0-26 France

Friday 22 April 2022 21:04 , Sarah Rendell

Wales will need to strike early in this half if they are to get back into this match.

It’s a testamant to their defence that France don’t have more tries but the visitors could run away with this if Wales aren’t careful.

Half-time: Wales 0-26 France

Friday 22 April 2022 20:55 , Sarah Rendell

Well I highlighted Caroline Boujard as a player to watch ahead of the match and she has certainly come back with a bang!

Huge skill to wrestle the ball back in the air fron Joyce to score France’s second.

Take a look at the try:

Half-time: Wales 0-26 France

Friday 22 April 2022 20:50 , Sarah Rendell

Sansus kicks the ball off the pitch and now we can all have a breather from that messy but brilliant half.

Two Sanus tries, a score from Jacquet and another from Boujard sees France with the bonus point.

Wales have been completely dominated so far and they will have to be the first to score in the second 40 to get a hold of this one.

Wales 0-26 France, 40 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:49 , Sarah Rendell

Sansus does well to pounce but Wales are continuing to knock on the door. The crowd have come to life to urge their team forward.

Wales have an advantage as France are offside as Terry almost gets over but she loses control. The hosts again kick to the corner, surely their first points are coming. It will be a huge blow if they don’t get over.

Joyce’s HIA is passed and so she is back on the field. A messy line-out sees France get the ball back, a horrible end to the half for Wales who will have to deal with a French attack before the whistle.

Wales 0-26 France, 38 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:46 , Sarah Rendell

Butchers manages to strip the ball just after the scrum to give Wales hope of their first points ahead of half-time.

The hosts are so static in their attack, they are passing along a non-moving line so they aren’t making many metres. Ferer is penalised and Wales get their first time in the 22.

The line-out isn’t clean but France knock-on, a scrum for Wales here. It will be vital for Wales to get points after this sustained bill of pressure.

Can they get their first try here?

Wales 0-26 France, 34 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:42 , Sarah Rendell

Oh my France these passes are slick. Wales are doing everything they can to disrupt the visitors but France somehow hold onto it.

But then Wales get it back. However, there’s another scuffle with Lillicrap sizing up her France opposition. Will there be a card after the earlier warning? I don’t think so, those players are lucky.

Wales come out on top at the scrum and the hosts look to launch their first threatening attack. Jones is thumped but Wales get a penalty advantage and we come back for it. They kick to the corner but the line-out isn’t straight! Yep, another scrum.

TRY! Wales 0-26 France (Sanus, 29’)

Friday 22 April 2022 20:38 , Sarah Rendell

How did that happen? Honestly I’m dumbfounded.

Wales have a scrum but Lillicrap loses control and Sansus pounces on the loose ball.

France have their bonus point before half-time.

Tremouliere gets her kick, this French team are firing and hungry for tries.

Joyce is off for a HIA.

Wales 0-19 France, 29 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:37 , Sarah Rendell

So just one more try needed for France to get that bonus point and we aren’t even 30 minutes in.

As I say, I apologise for my timings being a bit all over the place just now. The BBC clock didn’t stop for a stoppage and now has rolled it back.

France almost have their try as Filopon slices through Wales like butter and she gets the pass away. The ball goes through the hands but Jacquet’s pass to Boujard doesn’t go to hand. Breathless!

TRY! Wales 0-19 France (Jacquet, 25)

Friday 22 April 2022 20:34 , Sarah Rendell

Wales do well to get a penalty which Snowsill takes quickly but it’s an error!

Jacquet catches the ball and just runs, runs and keeps running! She offloads to Sansus and the scrum-half passes back to dot down.

Tremouliere misses her first kick of the tournament.

Wales 0-14 France, 31 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:33 , Sarah Rendell

The clock has changed on the BBC feed so I apologise if my timings are off.

There’s a scuffle on the field with Harries and M Menager having a disagreement but Fall separates the players.

The referee has a word with both teams to warn each them, if there’s any more of it they will be dealing out cards.

Wales 0-14 France, 27 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:28 , Sarah Rendell

Wales have not been in France’s half so far but they are trying to launch something here from their own half.

The passes are going to hand but they are yet to crack into the French half. The visitors attack is ruthless and at the moment they are pushing them backwards.

And there’s the error, a knock-on gifts France the scrum.

Despite the scoreline being kinder Wales don’t look as slick or stoic as they were against England two weeks ago.

TRY! Wales 0-14 France (Boujard, 22)

Friday 22 April 2022 20:24 , Sarah Rendell

They check to see if Boujard was onside and then if she grounded the ball. The referee’s on pitch decision was try.

Joyce gets her hand to it but she gets it back to ground! Wow, we knew she was a threat but that is beautiful.

Tremouliere gets the conversion with a stunning kick!

TMO REVIEW! Wales 0-7 France, 22 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:23 , Sarah Rendell

Boujard chases after Tremouliere’s cross field kick but it looks as though she is taken out in the air. She looks in pain as she lands awkwardly.

There is a TMO check to see if she has grounded that, is this a try?

Wales 0-7 France, 20 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:21 , Sarah Rendell

And again possession is gifted to France with another penalty and it’s Hale who is the culprit.

Lillicrap is receiving medical attention, let’s hope she is going to be okay! She looked slightly dazed and she is going off - unsure if this is an injury or a HIA. I think it’s a HIA and Harries is on in her place.

There’s another France line-out and Boujard is carving up the Wales defence. Can they get their second score here?

Wales 0-7 France, 18 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:19 , Sarah Rendell

It was a Wales scrum but Hale is penalised at the set-piece again which has given France a great attacking opportunity.

France set-up a driving maul, which has been deadly for the visitors, and they bag a penalty advantage. They see an opportunity with the advantage in their pocket kick across field but it rolls into touch.

Tremouliere kicks to the corner and the driving maul is sure to be triggered once again. This time Wales have done really well to halt it. Initally the ref call a penalty for Wales but then she changes her mind! So another line-out to come from France.

But wow, France have been penalised for obstruction! This is so fractured at the moment with both teams being pinged.

Wales 0-7 France, 14 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:14 , Sarah Rendell

How will Wales respond to that sensational score from Sansus? Well so far as they bag a penalty in the middle of the pitch.

Another scrum and the set-piece is far from pretty with another re-set. This time the scrum is clean and Bevan tries to kick away but the kick is charged down!

Sansus almost pounces but the ball bounces in Wales’ favour. Wilkins kicks away and Sansus drops a high ball and yes that means there is yet another scrum.

TRY! Wales 0-7 France (Sansus, 9’)

Friday 22 April 2022 20:10 , Sarah Rendell

How does the scrum-half do it?!

She gets the ball from Tremouliere and manages to bundle over. Breath-taking.

Tremouliere gets the conversion.

Wales 0-0 France, 8 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:09 , Sarah Rendell

Wow that was unbelieveably close! France find themselves two on one but Boujard can’t get a clear pass away to Jacquet!

Another scrum, a French put in, and they come away with it.

France inch closer and closer but Wales manage to win a penalty at the breakdown. Credit to Jones for that reprieve!

Yet another scrum, this time Wales’, and Lillicrp grabs the ball from the base and charges forward. Bevan clears the ball to the 22m. It’s not been a great start for the scrum-half in terms of clearances with France creating another driving maul.

Wales 0-0 France, 5 mins

Friday 22 April 2022 20:05 , Sarah Rendell

It was a fairly even opening few exchanges but as France got their first phases going, the visitors look threatening.

Fall made a great break and kick popping through almost sees Caroline Boujard run away. Instead it ends with the first scrum of the match. After a few resets France won the penalty as Hale collapsed the set-piece.

France are now on the attack with an impressive driving maul throwing them forwards.

Kick-off! Wales 0-0 France

Friday 22 April 2022 20:01 , Sarah Rendell

We are underway at Cardiff Arms Park.

Will Wales cause an upset? Or can France continue their perfect run?

Wales vs France

Friday 22 April 2022 19:50 , Sarah Rendell

The teams have been out and warming up at Cardiff Arms Park ahead of this Women’s Six Nations clash.

Remember this is not the only match this weekend. Italy vs Scotland will kick-off at 7.20pm on Saturday and England vs Ireland will start at 12pm on Sunday.

But our focus is on Wales vs France and the result of this match could have huge implications for who comes out on top.

The teams will be out shortly for the anthems ahead of kick-off.

Wales vs France

Friday 22 April 2022 19:39 , Sarah Rendell

This is the first Women’s Six Nations where players in the Wales set-up have had professional contracts. 12 stars have full-time deals and others have retainer contracts and one player who has a professional contract is fly-half Elinor Snowsill.

Snowsill has spoken on the benefits of being a full-time athlete, telling the Six Nations website: “I think going into the weekend not stressed is a huge thing, looking back now, even though I did it for the past 11 years, I don’t know how I did it because it’s just insane.

“There are still players doing it in the TikTok Women’s Six Nations now, working full-time, being pulled left right and centre and then going out and putting in a performance.

“It’s very, very difficult to do, whereas now we have the best chance to put out a performance and we’ve seen that from the first two results.”

Wales vs France

Friday 22 April 2022 19:30 , Sarah Rendell

The two teams going head to head are world class but there are some individual talents in the respective sides who supporters should watch out for.

For hosts Wales it’s Alisha Butchers and Siwan Lillicrap. While they may not make headlines all the time, they are cinstantly doing the background work at the scrum and in rucks. They put their team on the front foot and Lillicrap’s leadership spearheads the team to victory.

France, meanwhile, have Caroline Boujard and Madoussou Fall. Boujard will bring fire to their attack which France have lacked during the winger’s absence. And in Fall France have one of the best defenders in the championship. She works tirelessly to hold the gainline and tonight’s match will be no different.

The stars will soon be in action with kick-off coming in half an hour.

Wales vs France

Friday 22 April 2022 19:22 , Sarah Rendell

So are France in the perfect position to take the Grand Slam? You would like to think so after recording three bonus point wins but England have done the same.

France will have to continue their perfect streak with another BP win and if they don’t they could gift the title to the Red Roses. Even winning the match without a bonus point could see them lost the title even if they beat England.

It’s a difficult position for France to be in but they have been boosted by the return of Caroline Boujard. The winger scored a hat-trick in the first half against Wales last year and France will be hoping she brings the flair they have been slightly lacking in the 2022 tournament so far.

If they do manage to bag the bonus point they will know they are in the perfect stance to win the title. What would they have to do after that? Beat England.

Wales vs France

Friday 22 April 2022 19:14 , Sarah Rendell

Wales were convincingly beaten by England two weeks ago but the team’s head coach Ioan Cunningham says they are learning from the experience.

During the match Wales had a dominant set piece and started the match well. It was just as the match player out that Wales dropped off slightly and the Red Roses exploited them.

Cunnginham said: “We took a lot of learnings from the England Test. We’ve had a good two weeks’ build-up to this game and we’re excited to kick on. One of the learnings was how we dealt with the occasion at Kingsholm and we are looking forward to returning home to Cardiff Arms Park.

“A big home crowd on Friday night will give the players a real boost, hopefully we can start well and put in a good performance.

“France are one of the top three teams in the world, they have powerful runners and attacking options all over the pitch that will certainly test us. We need to be ready to take all our own attacking opportunities and our selection behind the scrum reflects that. We have looked at combinations that will hopefully give us some additional attacking options and help get the ball to our outside backs.”

Wales vs France: Team news

Friday 22 April 2022 19:06 , Sarah Rendell

Both teams have revealed their starting XVs for this clash.

Wales have made five changes to their starting line-up from that defeat to England.

There’s a new half-back pair in Elinor Snowsill and Keira Bevan, while in the forwards Cerys Hale comes into the front row, Natalia John starts at lock and Bethan Lewis is at flanker. There’s alos two positional changes as Robyn Wilkins starts at centre and captain Siwan Lillicrap is at No 8.

Wales: Kayleigh Powell; Lisa Neumann, Hannah Jones, Robyn Wilkins, Jasmine Joyce; Elinor Snowsill, Keira Bevan; Gwenllian Pyrs, Carys Phillips, Cerys Hale, Natalia John, Gwen Crabb, Alisha Butchers, Bethan Lewis, Siwan Lillicrap (captain).

Replacements: Kelsey Jones, Cara Hope, Donna Rose, Alex Callender, Sioned Harries, Ffion Lewis, Kerin Lake, Niamh Terry

For France there are six changes to their starting XV. Star winger Caroline Boujard returns from injury and there’s a new centre pairing of Maelle Filopon and Gabrielle Vernier. Agathe Sochat and Clara Joyeux start in the front row while Romane Menager comes in at No 8. Positonally Marine Menager moves to centre and Chloe Jacquet starts at full-back.

France: Chloe Jacquet; Caroline Boujard, Maelle Filopon, Gabrielle Vernier, Marine Menager; Jessy Tremouliere, Laure Sansus; Annaelle Deshaye, Agathe Sochat, Clara Joyeux, Celine Ferer, Madoussou Fall, Julie Annery, Gaelle Hermet (captain), Romane Menager.

Replacements: Laure Touye, Coco Lindelauf, Assia Khalfaoui, Audrey Forlani, Emeline Gros, Alexandra Chambon, Morgane Peyronnet, Emilie Boulard.

Wales vs France

Friday 22 April 2022 19:01 , Sarah Rendell

Hello and welcome to the fourth round of the Women’s Six Nations!

There are three staggered matches this weekend with the first being Wales vs France, which kicks off at 8pm.

Hosts Wales will be looking to bounce back from their defeat to England two weeks ago. The team were valiant but they couldn’t hold out long enough and the Red Roses ran riot in the second half.

France, meanwhile, have had a perfect run in terms of results. They have bagged three bonus point wins which means they have gone toe-to-toe with tournament favourites England.

But will they be able to continue the streak at Cardiff Arms Park? We will find out in just under an hour’s time.

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