Manchester United transfer targets warned not arrive wanting a 'beach' by Jose Mourinho

Jack Austin
The Independent
Mourinho told players who don't fit his profile to 'enjoy your other club': Getty
Mourinho told players who don't fit his profile to 'enjoy your other club': Getty

Jose Mourinho has sent out a stern message to any potential Manchester United transfer targets, telling them if they are more focused on the city they want to live in than the club they want to play for then they are not welcome at Old Trafford.

Alexis Sanchez was quoted in the week saying he wanted to live in London and play for a club with a “successful” mindset, while Eden Hazard has said a similar thing about the capital.

Sanchez originally moved to Arsenal because of the ‘London lure’ which led to him rejecting Liverpool and Mourinho doesn’t want any players with that sort of mentality signing for United, claiming they should be “dreaming” about the club if he or Ed Woodward gets in contact with them.

One of the players who United have been linked with, and a self-confessed fan, is Antoine Griezmann, and although he is believed to be at the top of Mourinho’s wishlist, he wouldn’t be drawn on any specific target.

“If a player wants to move to London, enjoy London, we don’t want you,” said Mourinho. “If the first thing you think is where you’re going to live - think Los Angeles, Galaxy would be the first choice, then (Portuguese side) Vitoria Setubal, go to the beach every day.

“There are beautiful places to live and to play. We want people who are really engaged by the first contact. We want people that if I call or Mr Woodward calls some guy or some agent, we want people who are immediately engaged or dreaming about coming.

“This is the profile of players we want. If you don’t want to come to us, good luck, enjoy your other club.”

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