Warner Music sign first digital character Noonoouri and release debut single

Warner Music Central Europe has offered its first record deal to a digital character, Noonoouri, releasing her debut single Dominoes featuring German DJ Alle Farben on Friday.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology was used to create the singing voice of Noonoouri, which has been based on a real singer’s voice but altered so she has her own distinct sound.

The songwriters and musicians on the track will receive royalties and publishing splits just like any traditional song, the PA news agency understands.

The character’s debut track Dominoes features 38-year-old German DJ and music producer Alle Farben, real name Frans Zimmer, and was written by a group of songwriters and musicians.

The music video also features the avatar wearing Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand Skims, which was chosen by Noonoouri creator Joerg Zuber.

Commenting on her debut music video on Instagram, Mr Zuber said: “After two years working so hard on this music project, we finally can share this incredible teamwork with world – thank you for believing in us #TheBeginning.”

A spokesperson for Warner Music Central Europe said: “Noonoouri is a long-standing digital character who we’ve signed to a record deal.

“She’s not AI generated, though AI assisted tech was used to help create her singing voice.

“Talented songwriters and musicians wrote and recorded her debut track Dominoes, and we can’t wait for fans to discover it.”