Warning over teens getting stuck in tiny toddlers’ swings for bizarre TikTok craze

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Teenagers are getting stuck in toddlers’ swings amid a bizarre craze on the video platform Tik Tok.

London Fire Brigade says it has responded to 21 incidents of teens becoming trapped in children's’ swings this year, 12 of them this month, which people were filming to post online.

Fire services across Britain are urging teens to not take part in the challenge and waste crews’ time.

Some of the world’s biggest chip buyers, including Apple, Microsoft and Google, are joining the likes of Intel to press for government chip manufacturing subsidies.

Amid a global shortage of chips fuelled by increasing demand, tech giants want US Congress to sign-off $50 billion to help them manufacture in the U.S as opposed to Asia or Europe.

Would you pay for a Tesla using the joke cryptocurrency Dogecoin? Well, that’s what Elon Musk is banking on.

Musk put out a Twitter poll and Dogecoin received over 3.3 million responses in the 12 hours, with nearly 80 per cent of the respondents voting to ratify the new payment method.

Plus, ‘pay-by-palm’ touch technology launches in a Manhattan store, an insomnia study suggests medication may not help for a better nights sleep, archaeologists reveal age of Britain’s most famous naked giant, and, why a simple pebble can act as an expression of love for the Gentoo penguin.

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