Warriors playing 'pick-up game' basketball in poor run, says Kerr

Getty Images

Steve Kerr feels the Golden State Warriors look like they are playing "a pick-up game" rather than NBA-level basketball right now after their latest loss to the Detroit Pistons.

The Warriors went down 128-114 at Little Caesars Arena on Saturday, taking them to four losses for the season and leaving them mired in the lower half of the Western Conference.

With 38 free throws conceded, Golden State were also outscored by fast break and second-chance points throughout the encounter, slumped to a third loss in four games.

Kerr feels his side's struggles are self-inflicted, stressing the importance of being more disciplined.

"I always talk about the game being connected," he told reporters. "It just feels like we're putting ourselves in tough spots offensively.

"Then that translates to defense, and then we're late in either in transition or on rotations, and we just can't stop fouling.

"[There were] 38 more free throws tonight. We talk about it every day, but something has to click with our guys.

"I don't think they're all just blatant hacks. I think the way we're playing is affecting our defense. I think it looks like a pick-up game out there."

Kerr believes that if the Warriors can bring purpose and grit back into their performances., they will be able to turn their fortunes around.

"Until we do, then we're going to be experiencing games like this where [we] just never quite get the traction you need to build momentum," he added.