Watch: Australian influencer mistaken for Ryan Reynolds swarmed by fans in Taiwan


An Australian travel and fashion vlogger recently found himself swarmed by fans who mistook him for Ryan Reynolds while waiting at a terminal in Taiwan.

About the video: Shaun Birley, a content creator who makes videos about fashion and travel, uploaded the now-viral video to his TikTok channel last week, showing his hilarious mistaken identity experience while inside a bullet train terminal in Taiwan.

The on-screen text at the beginning of his video reads, “How do I tell them I’m not Ryan Reynolds,” and starts with Birley being approached by a woman asking for a selfie. The “fan” is seen giddy as Birley positions himself beside her.

Others begin approaching him afterward until Birley tallies 14 selfies taken.

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The context: Speaking to Australian morning program "Today," Birley explained that he was on a tourism job when the hilarious encounter occurred.

“That was like day one or two of us being there and we had the camera crew with us as well,” he said. “Then of course we were filming a bit of content with the crew and then one person came over and was like, ‘Deadpool’?”

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He recalled declining the fan, but they insisted on taking a selfie with him despite Birley repeatedly telling them that he was not the “Deadpool” star.

“Once the ball started rolling, it was a relentless barrage of selfies after that,” he said.

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Not just Reynolds: "Today" co-host Karl Stefanovic also pointed out that besides his resemblance to the Marvel star, Birley also looks like Ryan Gosling, a comparison the Australian influencer acknowledged he often receives as a compliment.

TikTok reactions: One TikTok user agreed with Stefanovic, noting that Birley looks like “a combination of Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Goslyn [sic].”

Another TikTok user hoped that Reynolds would see the now-viral video, which has been viewed over 4.7 million times since its upload, to ask for his selfie as well.

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“You made a bunch of people happy. Nothing wrong with that,” one TikTok user commented.

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